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Cotton duvet cover

SUITE702 has various cotton duvet covers. SUITE702 has cotton duvet covers in all common sizes and in a large number of different colors. Cotton duvet cover and pillowcase are packed separately so that you can combine the colors. There are so many colors that you can completely go wild. The cotton duvet cover is made from a particularly high quality organic percale cotton. The thread count, also known as thread count, is 300. A cotton duvet cover of this calitiet is often found in luxury hotels. That is why percale cotton is also called hotel quality. 

The advantages of a cotton duvet cover

A cotton percale duvet cover feels wonderfully soft and crispy. A percale cotton duvet cover also feels nice and cool. The unique way of weaving makes you feel like you are stepping into a fresh, freshly made bed every night. SUITE702 offers cotton duvet covers in a large number of beautiful colors. Pillowcases and duvet cover can be combined at your own discretion. By combining the stylish colors, you can style your bedroom just the way you want it. The cotton duvet cover has a blind closure with buttons so that the down duvet stays neatly in place.  

Cotton duvet cover, how do I keep it clean?

A cotton duvet cover can simply be washed. We advise not to wash the cotton warmer than 40 degrees. 60 degrees is also possible, but this is not so good for the color fastness. This is especially true for the darker colors. Washing a cotton duvet cover at a lower temperature is also better for the environment. A cotton duvet cover can be put in the dryer, but it is best to take the iron dry out of the dryer. Percale cotton wrinkles more than other cotton. By hanging it iron dry it will wrinkle a lot less. It helps if you hide the cotton duvet cover well before hanging it up. Because percale cotton is very finely woven, it can be difficult to get grease stains out. If you can't get grease stains out, we recommend trying a stain remover like Vanish. It is important to always test this first in an invisible spot on the inside. The use of these types of products is always at your own risk. 

Cotton percale

A cotton duvet cover from SUITE702 is made of percale woven cotton. In a percale weaving method, each thread goes over and under 1 some other thread. With a percale weave, the number of horizontal threads is equal to the number of vertical threads. You may speak of "percale" if at least 200 threads per square inch are woven. The number of threads per square inch is also referred to as thread count. In English they call it thread count. SUITE702's cotton bedding has 300 threads per square inch. These are a lot of very thin threads that are very tightly woven. Percale cotton with a high thread count is smooth and crunchy. It breathes well, stays beautiful for a long time and is therefore often used in luxury hotels. Because percale feels a bit cooler, it is a suitable quality for the summer and for people who are quickly (too) hot in bed. 




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