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Duvet cover

You can buy a duvet cover buy different materials. SUITE702 has various cotton duvet covers. This way you can make a choice between one percale cotton duvet cover and a cotton satin duvet cover. Finally, SUITE702 also has one washed linen duvet cover in the collection. When buying a duvet cover, it is important to pay close attention to the size. There are many sizes of duvet cover that you can choose from. A single duvet cover is 140x200 or 140x220. One size larger duvet cover is 200x200 or 200x220. The most common double duvet cover is 240x220, also known as twin beds. Finally, at SUITE702 you can also buy an extra large double duvet cover of 260x220. 

Advantages duvet cover Suite702 

A SUITE702 duvet cover offers several advantages. The advantages that a SUITE702 duvet cover offers have to do with the design and the material from which the bedding is made.

The duvet cover has a blind closure, so you cannot see the opening. The (usually) white down comforter that is in the duvet cover is so neatly hidden. Because the closure is blind, you don't see any buttons. Another advantage of a duvet cover with a blind closure is that the duvet stays in place in the cover. Another advantage of the design of the duvet cover is the twin-stitch all around. This design element gives the duvet cover a clear shape, which decorates the bed beautifully.

Advantages of the material of the SUITE702 duvet covers depend on natural material. A percale cotton duvet cover is nice and creaky and feels like a fresh, freshly made bed. A cotton satin duvet cover is smoother, drapes smoothly and has a subtle shine. An important advantage of a cotton satin duvet cover from SUITE702 is that it is slightly warmer. Finally, the washed linen duvet cover also offers various advantages. In addition to the typical tough look, washed linen is breathable, cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter. 

Organic duvet cover

All SUITE702 textiles, including bedding, are made from organic cotton. An organic duvet cover is free of chemicals, so you can sleep comfortably under it. Much more important is that an organic duvet cover is made socially responsible and with respect for nature. The Organic cotton has the GOTS quality mark (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS guarantees that an organic duvet cover with the FOTS hallmark is made of cotton, of which the entire chain (from growing the cotton plant to packaging) has taken place in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Types of duvet cover

Linen duvet covers

It washed linen duvet cover has that lovely sturdy linen look. The linen duvet cover consists of 55% linen and 45% organic cotton. This makes a linen duvet cover from SUITE702 a lot softer and more flexible than a regular linen duvet cover. While the linen duvet cover does have the typical linen properties. A linen duvet cover is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The linen duvet cover of SUITE702 is “garment dyed”, which means that it is colored and washed in a special way after it is made up. If you buy a linen duvet cover from SUITE702, you should always wash it separately first. The linen duvet cover can give off some color the first few times.

Satin duvet covers

A satin duvet cover is 100% cotton. There is some confusion about this. Often people think that satin is a type of silk. But a satin duvet cover has its unique properties due to the way of weaving. A satin duvet cover has a light shiny fabric that is wonderfully soft. Due to the way of weaving, a satin duvet cover has a slightly deeper color and creases less than, for example, percale. The satin weave is characterized by several yarns that are woven very close together in the same direction. This makes one side of the satin smooth, slightly shiny and the other side a bit more matt. The number of yarns woven per square inch is also referred to as thread count (thread count).

Cotton duvet covers

The SUITE702 cotton duvet cover are made of organic percale cotton. We offer the cotton duvet cover in a large number of colors. Because you can buy the cotton duvet cover and cotton pillowcases in different colors, you can combine as you see fit and thus completely style your bedroom. The percale cotton duvet cover is made of a very high quality. This hotel quality breathes good and feels wonderfully crispy.




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