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Discover the Martens & Martens Collection at SUITE702: Luxury Guest Towels, Towels, Bath Mats and much more.

At SUITE702 we strive to enrich your bathroom with vibrant colors and luxury. Our beautiful organic Martens & Martens collection offers a range of guest towels, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels and bath mats. Each made from sustainable and socially responsible terry cotton.

Colorful Pampering

At SUITE702 we believe in the power of color. That is why we offer the collection in an extensive palette of beautiful shades. The beautiful collection is based on the art project " Colors on the beach " by Karel Martens for the city of Le Havre.

Organic Enjoyment

Our luxurious guest towels, towels and bath mats are made from wonderfully soft 100% organic terry cotton. Thanks to the short loops, the guest towels, towels and bath mats not only feel compact, but they are also exceptionally soft.


To preserve the beautiful colors, we recommend washing at 40°. Although they can also be washed at 60°, the fabric retains its optimal color at a lower temperature.

Sustainable and Responsible

Sustainability is central to SUITE702. The collection is made from terry cotton that is not only perfect for you, but also for the world. All our products carry the GOTS quality mark, which guarantees sustainability and the absence of harmful chemicals. We are proud to work with GOTS certified manufacturers, because we believe in a responsible future for our textiles and our planet.




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