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When the evenings become shorter again and it gets dark early, the cold also sets in. The house will have to be heated again, but the best thing of all is a nice winter duvet on your bed. A winter duvet has a high warmth class and ensures that you can sleep comfortably during the chilly winter months. Which winter duvets are there and what size winter duvet do you need? You can read more about it below.

Winter duvets for different warmth classes

A winter duvet can fall under heat class 1 or 2. However, we always recommend warmth class 2, because this is a very insulating duvet if you choose down. If you are really cold, a down duvet in warmth class 2 is optimal. This duvet feels so luxurious and soft that you would prefer to hibernate and stay in bed all winter. Moreover, a down duvet always feels light, even if it is a winter duvet. The duvets in our range are cassette stitched, which you can see from the squares on the duvet. The advantage of this is that the down cannot hold up and therefore always remains evenly distributed over the duvet.

What size winter duvet?

Are you not sure exactly which size winter duvet to get? To start with, we have four different sizes of winter duvets in our range, namely:

  • 140x220;
  • 200x220;
  • 240x220;
  • 260x220.

A winter duvet of 140 x 220 is suitable for a single bed and the other sizes are intended for double beds. You can assume that a duvet should be approximately 50 to 60 cm wider than your mattress. So if you have a mattress of 180 x 200, it is best to choose a winter duvet of 240 x 220. A duvet should always be larger than your mattress, so that there is enough space to lie comfortably under it. In addition, it looks chic if the duvet hangs slightly. Add a nice bedding set and you are completely ready for this winter.

Buy a winter duvet

If you want to buy a winter duvet, then SUITE702 is the right place for you. In our range you will find high-quality winter duvets made of duck down or goose down. Both types of down have excellent insulating properties. A goose down duvet is just a little more luxurious than duck down. The down flake of a goose is larger than that of a duck. This means that goose down duvets have more volume and less weight. It really feels like you're sleeping in a hotel!

Buy from our shop today

Have you found the winter duvet you were looking for? Order it today in our webshop. As soon as we receive your order, we will get to work for you, so that you can enjoy our wonderful down winter duvets as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or need advice, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.




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