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Want to buy luxurious towels?

At SUITE702 we proudly present our unique Martens & Martens collection, which consists of high-quality towels that offer the perfect combination of luxury and sustainability. Our collection includes a wide range of towels made from natural materials, environmentally friendly and fair trade. Our luxury towels are not only soft and durable, but also provide a long-lasting experience of comfort and quality. You will also find organic towels and oversized bath towels, wonderfully soft and yet compact, available in various attractive colors. Experience the ultimate luxury in your bathroom and discover how SUITE702 transforms the ordinary towel into something extraordinary.

Luxury towels from SUITE702: Discover the different types

At SUITE702 it is our passion to add color to moments of well-deserved rest. Our Martens & Martens collection is inspired by the art project 'Colours on the Beach' by artist Karel Martens and offers an extensive range of luxurious towels . We also offer various sets , so you can purchase several towels in a mix of striking colors. From standard towels of 50x100 cm and bath towels of 70x140 to guest towels of 30x50 cm, bath mats of 50x80 cm and beach towels of 90x180 cm. In this collection the standard weight for most towels is 550 g/m2. Exceptions to this are the beach towels, with a weight of 420 g/m2 and the bath mats, which are heavier with a weight of 1000 g/m2.

Our luxurious towels from Martens & Martens are made with attention to quality and sustainability. Made from 100% organic terry cotton, they not only offer an exceptionally soft texture, but also absorb moisture efficiently. With different sizes and weights, our towels are suitable for various needs and preferences.

Choosing the right towels from SUITE702

When buying the perfect towels, it is important to take several factors into account. Start by selecting the right size to suit your needs, whether it's an everyday guest towel or an oversized beach towel.

Our collection of towels offers an extensive range of color options, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant colours, so you can express your personal style in the bathroom. The towels are made of 100% organic terry cotton, known for the short unshaved loops that create a soft texture. This structure ensures that the organic towels can absorb a lot of water and keep them warm, which is perfect for towels .

In addition to comfort and style, we also attach great importance to the sustainability and social responsibility of the towels . Our organic towels have the GOTS quality mark, which guarantees sustainable production without harmful chemicals. By choosing SUITE702, you not only choose luxurious towels , but also a better world.

Buy towels from SUITE702: Discover the benefits

Our Martens & Martens towels not only provide a luxurious experience, but are also kind to the skin. Made from organic terry cotton and produced with respect for people and the environment, they offer a soft and moisturizing texture that is perfect for everyday use. These luxurious towels from Martens & Martens have upright short loops. This makes them perfect for skin in need of intense hydration.

At SUITE702 we strive for fairness and sustainability, so that you can not only enjoy a luxurious bath experience, but also have a positive impact on the world around us.

Order our Martens & Martens towels today !

Buy towels online? Order today from SUITE702 and give your bathroom a stylish upgrade with our vibrant colored towels and sustainable materials. Our towels come with the GOTS quality mark and are packed in a stylish bag made from upcycled hotel linen, so you can enjoy luxury and sustainability without harming the environment. SUITE702 stands for affordable, sustainable luxury that you can enjoy every day.




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