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When the days get longer and the temperature rises, the spring fever arrives again. For many people, this means a major cleaning and high time to exchange the thick duvet for a thinner one. At SUITE702 you will find various spring duvets, both made of duck down and goose down. A spring duvet is the ideal alternative for the cooler seasons. There is a summer duvet for the warm months and a winter duvet for the really cold months. Quickly see in which warmth classes and sizes SUITE702 spring duvets are available.

Spring duvets for different warmth classes

Are you really cold or do you get warm relatively quickly? The SUITE702 spring duvets can be divided into various warmth classes. You can choose a duvet that is a bit airier or that has more insulating properties. Duck down is known for having less volume, while goose down has more volume. A goose down duvet is therefore extra lightweight, while it offers the same warmth as a duck down duvet.

What size spring duvet?

You have plenty of choice, not only when it comes to the various heat classes. Our spring duvets are also available in various sizes. What size spring duvet is best to choose? It is always good to get a duvet that is slightly larger than your mattress, so that it has some overhang. In general, you can assume that a duvet should be approximately 50 cm wider than your mattress. For a single bed we have a spring duvet in the dimensions 140 x 220. For double beds there are several choices, depending on the size of your bed. You can choose from:

So whether you have a standard double bed or a king-size bed, for example, there is a matching spring duvet available for every bed.

Buy a spring duvet

If you want to buy a spring duvet, it is wise to go for quality. Only then can you enjoy it for a long time. You can count on that at SUITE702. All duvets in our range are made of down, which ensures that they meet the strictest animal welfare requirements. As you have read above, you can choose from goose down or duck down. Do you choose the Spring Comfort duvet, Spring Premium Goose Down or the slightly more luxurious Spring Royal Goose Down option?

Buy from our shop today

If you are going to purchase a spring duvet, a luxurious down duvet from SUITE702 is definitely a good idea. No duvet is as soft as a down duvet and it falls very lightly over you. A spring duvet is ideal for the early and late season. You can also use this duvet in the autumn, when the weather gets cooler outside and a summer duvet is too thin. Have you already made your choice? Then quickly determine the size and purchase your spring duvet in our webshop.




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