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Do you dream of the perfect sleep? meet the bigDOT pillows. This round pillow does so much more than just provide support for your head. It also serves as a soft side table and is a real treat for bed. After a night with the bigDOT you would almost forget what it was like to sleep without this pillow. The bigDOT is made in the Netherlands, filled with soft goose feathers and carries the DownPass certificate, proof of strict animal welfare requirements. The bigDOT is also an ideal choice for those with asthma or a house dust mite allergy thanks to the NoMite certificate. Within our range, in addition to the normal down bigDOT pillow, we also sell a Vegan bigDOT pillow , where the pillow is filled with synthetic down. And if that's not enough, there are 19 colors of cushion covers made of organic percale cotton available to style the pillow to taste. .

Comfort from bigDOT pillows

Immerse yourself in soft luxury and optimal comfort is exactly what a night with bigDOT pillows offers. This is no ordinary pillow, this is the bigDOT: the round pillow that does more than just serve as a place for the head. The bigDOT pillows are a soft oasis, a dream maker and a place of its own. Dutch craftsmanship has created the ultimate nighttime companion, full of fluffy goose feathers.

Choosing and styling bigDOT pillows is a treat in itself, with a wide range of shades of organic percale cotton pillow covers available. Whether it's the soothing sea green or the vibrant lavender, the perfect cover awaits.

Lying in bed with bigDOT pillows is an experience that transcends the familiar and takes the quality of sleep to a higher level. Try it yourself, the bigDOT comfort is remarkably addictive.

What differences are there in the bigDOT pillow collection?

Every collection needs variety. That is exactly what the bigDOT pillow collection offers. Not one, but nineteen to be precise. Who wants to sleep on a round pillow when there are so many colors to choose from? You can also choose a down bigDOT pillow or a vegan bigDOT pillow. bigDOT pillows are not just a choice, they are an experience. A gentle oasis, a dream maker, that promises nothing less than the perfect sleep.

How do you care for your bigDOT pillows?

Maintaining the excellent quality of bigDOT pillows requires some care and attention. After each night of optimal comfort and luxury, gently tap the pillow daily to air the filling and thus maintain comfort levels.

When cleaning bigDOT pillows, prefer professional cleaning to keep the delicate goose feathers intact. Avoid using heavy detergents or bleaches that can damage the fabric.

When changing bigDOT pillow covers, do so carefully and avoid using wringing movements. Use the organic percale cotton covers that are easy to maintain and wash them on a mild cycle to maintain their color for a long time.

With proper care and treatment, bigDOT pillows continue to provide the comfort and quality you desire, time after time. This way they can last a long time and remain a popular part of nighttime rituals. If you notice that the pillow is becoming less full, you can always purchase a Dreamball refill through us.

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bigDOT pillows transcend everyday comfort. The round pillow, filled with soft goose feathers, does more than provide support. It also has a function as a soft side table and treat for in bed. Always perfectly designed with a choice of 19 colors of cushion covers made of organic percale cotton.

Why should bigDOT experience pillows? Because they bring true luxury and introduce a new dimension of comfort. Get the ultimate pillow-holding experience with bigDOT pillows and make bedtime something to look forward to.



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