bedMATE & bigDOT

Besides regular pillows, we also sell other pillows in the category down specials. The down specials consist of the bedMATE, bedMATE (vegan) and the bigDOT. The bedMATE and bigDOT are filled with goose feathers, the bedMATE (vegan) is filled with dreamball, this is a high-quality synthetic material that is extremely soft and very supple with the same properties as down. 

Both the bedMATE, the bedMATE (vegan) and the bigDOT are all made in the Netherlands. The bigDOT is available in 50x10 and the bedMATE and bedMATE (vegan) are available in 2 different sizes 50x160 and 50x180.

The bedMATE and the bigDOT are suitable for people with allergies or asthma. The products have the NoMite certificate for this. All products with down and / or feathers meet the strictest animal welfare requirements with the Downpass.




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