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Luxury bathrobe for man or woman

Bee SUITE702 we have designed a luxurious bathrobe for man or woman. A luxury bathrobe is great for after a shower, when you get out of a warm bath, to the sauna or to walk around the house. Our bathrobe has side pockets, a waistband that fastens to the back and a detachable gold metal Bed Peace pin. The bathrobe is uniseks.

About the luxury bathrobes

At SUITE702 we have a number of beautiful bathjaeat† Our bathrobe takes inspiration from the Japanese kimono. It is a very soft and elegant, unisex bathrobe made of organic cotton waffle. The bathrobe is wonderfully light but at the same time a bit stiff. Washing the jacket makes it more flexible, but the waffle fabric ensures that it keeps that typical kimono shape. So it is not a bathrobe that fits very tightly around your body, but keeps its own shape and is a bit looser. The bathrobes are finished with fine details. Instead of sewn-on pockets, for example, it has elegant insert pockets. On the inside, the jacket is finished with decorative stitching. The belt of this bathrobe is sewn to the back. That way you will never lose it. On the chest is our gold colored Bed Peace pin. The jacket is made of 100% organic cotton. 

biological materials

Our SUITE702 bathrobes are made of a light refined organic waffle. The material has a high moisture absorption, is well breathable and is suitable for both winter and summer. The bathrobes are produced in Turkey by our GOTS-certified manufacturer. 

The different sizes and colors

From bathrobe is available in two different sizes. One is an S/M and is 110 cm long. The other is a L/XL and this one is 120 cm long. The bathrobes are also available in 8 different colors such as BlushToffee on Chocolate† It is best to wash them at 40. You could also wash them at 60°, but there is a chance that the colors will not last as long. 

Our long-lasting guarantee

As mentioned before, our bathrobes are made of 100% organic cotton. But that's not all. We are proud to say that we only work with GOTS certified manufacturers for all our products, including our bathrobes. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile StandardIt is a quality mark that deals with textile production and is leading within the industry. This is because it is the toughest certification when it comes to textiles. It guarantees that the entire chain is checked for sustainability. The GOTS quality mark also ensures that no chemicals have been used in the products.

More sustainable delivery

The bag in which our bathrobes and all other products are delivered is a beautiful tote bag. This one is made from geupcycled hotel interiors† There is a big difference between upcycling and recycling. Let's explain the difference. If textiles are recycled, the material is destroyed first. This way new yarn can then be made from it. In this way one can then weave a new fabric. Of course, recycling is sustainable, but the energy and raw material consumption is still considerable. This is much less with upcycling. With upcycling, old table linen is transformed into a new product. Here the table linen is not destroyed, but is given a new function. So no new cotton needs to be grown for that reason. In this way a large amount of water, electricity and other raw materials can be saved. SUITE702 works for the tote bag with a brand called 'I AM NOT A VIRGIN'. An appropriate name, because it reuses existing raw materials and not a new harvest. One of the ways we work on our sustainability mission.

Our story 

With our luxurious bathrobes we try to make your world a bit more pleasant. But that is not everything. With SUITE702 we also try to make the world a little better ourselves. The name SUITE702 is inspired by the 'Bed-In' week of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969 when they held their world famous 'Bed-In' which was dedicated to World Peace. With our organic and sustainable bathrobes we try to create their own Bed Peace for our customers. In our opinion, beautiful and luxurious bathrobes that are produced fairly and sustainably do not have to be expensive. At SUITE702 we supply "affordable, sustainable, luxury" bathrobes for a fair price.




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