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Satin cotton bedding from SUITE702

SUITE702 offers a lot of bedding . From duvet covers to pillowcases to fitted sheets . All in various colors and sizes. The duvet covers and pillowcases are available in 3 organic materials: percale cotton , linen/cotton mix and satin cotton . We have written a blog about the difference in materials.

What is satin cotton bedding?

Many people confuse satin with silk, but satin represents the weaving technique. So satin is not material. When we talk about satin cotton bedding we mean 100% cotton bedding in a satin weave. The thread count of the particularly high quality SUITE702 satin cotton , also called thread count (TC), is 400. This allows the yarns to be woven even closer together, resulting in the fabric becoming even more supple.

The subtle shine of a satin cotton gives a luxurious look. Your entire bedroom will immediately get an upgrade. In addition, the satin cotton falls smoothly, which not only looks very beautiful, it also feels nice and soft and supple. An important advantage of satin cotton bedding is that it feels warmer than bedding made of percale cotton or linen/cotton mix.

Organic satin cotton

All SUITE702 bedding is made from sustainable cotton and is made socially responsible and with respect for nature. You basically don't feel anything when you lie under it, but you sleep a lot better ;-)




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