Bathrobes collection

✓ 20 different colors

✓ 3 materials: Jersey, Linen or Waffle

✓ S/M & L/XL

✓ Unisex

✓ Organic cotton


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Luxury bathrobe great for after a shower, when you get out of a hot bath, to the sauna or to walk around the house. The bathrobe has pockets, a waistband that is fixed at the back and a removable gold metal Bed Peace pin. The bathrobe is unisex and inspired by a kimono.

The bathrobe is made from organic waffle cotton and is made in Turkey. The waffle has a luxurious look but also has a number of other advantages, a bathrobe made of waffle cotton is light and absorbs well. Because the bathrobe is so light, it is very flexible and comfortable.

The bathrobe is available in 2 different sizes S / M and L / XL. The bathrobes are also available in 8 different colors such as moss, toffee and chocolate.




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