Our collection

Our collection of bed and bath textiles is designed to tempt you to go to bed early and stay in bed for a long time. Bedding and related products help you enjoy life in bed.

Product Range
The collection is constantly evolving. All items bring luxury and pleasure to everyday life and are made to enjoy for a long time. Currently exists
the collection consists of: bedding in percale cotton , linen/cotton and satin cotton , bathrobes , towels , duvets , pillows and specials: bedMATE pillow , bigDOT pillow , eye-pillow , hot water bottle, plaid ,sponge .

Design Principles
With the collection SUITE702 literally and figuratively brings more color to the bedroom. Each quality is available in a wide range of colours. All items can be ordered separately so that everyone can combine colors and materials to their heart's content. Fitted sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases can all be chosen in a different colour. With a bedMATE and bigDOT you can expand the color variation a bit.

We love color and we love combining. By combining, you give your bed and your bedroom its own unique look. Your combination makes your bed irresistibly attractive. You can make it as colorful and eclectic as you want or you can opt for a harmonious color palette.

We only use ecological/biological materials that meet the highest sustainability criteria. We only use very high quality materials that make it possible to enjoy the items for a long time. Buying things not to enjoy them or to enjoy them for a very short time is the least sustainable option and a waste of money.

Because you can buy all items separately, it is not necessary to purchase a whole new set every time. You can combine your existing duvet cover with a new set of pillowcases or a different fitted sheet. By changing a few color accents, your bed will have a completely different look. You don't have to replace your bedding set at all, you give it a fresh update. That is better for the environment and your wallet.

Simple chic
We don't like fuss and busy prints, but stylish simplicity, with exceptional attention to the finish and the details. Stylish simplicity does not get boring quickly. Just like clothing, you don't buy bedding for a year. You can enjoy timeless, on-trend colors for a long time. By combining it with new colors you give your bed new appeal.