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When the days get longer and spring has arrived, many people start looking forward to the summer months again. However, they also bring higher temperatures and sometimes it can remain very warm at night. Do you also want to sleep comfortably in the summer months? Then choose a summer duvet that feels nice and airy.

Summer duvet

For the summer months you may be looking for the coolest duvet. It is wonderful to sleep under a nice, airy duvet that has good insulating properties for cooler nights and ventilating properties for warmer nights. At SUITE702 you will find high-quality summer duvets in various warmth classes.

Summer duvets for different heat classes

Like all duvets, summer duvets are also available in various warmth classes. Warmth class 1 stands for the most insulating duvet. The higher the number, the fluffier the duvet. So perhaps you will opt for a duvet in warmth class 4. With us you can choose a linen summer duvet, a duck down duvet or a goose down duvet .

What size summer duvet?

Although you probably won't crawl as deeply under the covers during the summer months as in the winter months, it is still nice if the duvet is just the right size. We recommend always choosing a duvet that is approximately 50 cm wider than your mattress size. This way, the summer duvet hangs over nicely and is certainly large enough to lie comfortably under, even if it is a double bed. The following sizes are available at SUITE702:

For example, if you have a bed of 200 x 220, you can choose a duvet of 240 or 260 x 220, depending on what you prefer.

Buy a summer duvet

Buying a summer duvet is always a good idea. It is nice if you have a suitable duvet for every season, so that you are never too cold or too hot when sleeping. The right temperature is decisive for a good night's sleep. This not only concerns the temperature in the bedroom, but also your body temperature. In addition, the duvet itself also determines a lot. The summer duvets in our range are wonderfully light to use and ventilate excellently. In addition, all summer duvets have a beautiful cover, so you can enjoy them for an extra long time. Are you going for Summer Comfort, Summer Premium Goose Down or Summer Royal Goose Down?

Buy from our shop today

Are you looking for an airy summer duvet? Then search no longer. At SUITE702 you can count on quality and service. If you have any questions about our products, you can always contact us. Order your summer duvet online now and sleep wonderfully fresh under your favorite duvet this summer. Also take a look at our duvet covers and pillowcases.




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