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Bed linen

Bed linen, such as duvet covers, duvets, fitted sheets and pillows are all of high quality and made in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Many people may not realize that, but nice bedding has a lot of influence on the experience of lying in bed and thus sleeping well. While the mattress often (rightly) receives a lot of attention, the bedding is often forgotten. Tasty bedding makes a world of difference. Nice and crisp percale cotton bedding or supple satin bedding. Fine bedding is not only important for a good night's sleep, it also has a huge influence on the look of your bedroom. A duvet cover is a huge color area. Beautiful bedding completes the look of your room. Choose from a huge palette of colors at SUITE702 and buy bedding that matches your taste and interior.

Luxurious bedding

The one duvet cover the other is not. With luxury bedding you spoil yourself. It feels great and going to bed really becomes a party. You can initially recognize luxury bedding by luxurious materials. When you buy luxury bedding at SUITE702 you can be sure that you are assured of the finest materials. The high-quality percale cotton has a thread count of 300TC and the satin even 400. In addition, our luxury bedding is of course finished with an eye for detail. All the SUITE702 luxury bedding is finished with a twin sticht, the closure has concealed buttons and the logo is embroidered in tone-on-tone. Finally, we distinguish ourselves with chic, pronounced or subtle colors. At SUITE702 you have a huge choice of fantastic colors. From Thyme Green until Pale Rose.

Bedding Suite702

All SUITE702 bedding is of a very high quality. Bed linen from SUITE702 is made from organic cotton and in socially responsible working conditions. All SUITE702 bedding is packed separately. You can choose pillowcases and duvet cover in a large number of different colors. This allows you to put together a SUITE702 bedding set in your own color combination.

Buy Bed linen Suite702

SUITE702 has cotton bedding sets satin, percale cotton and washed linen. The percale cotton is also called hotel quality, it is crispy and wonderfully smooth and feels like stepping into a freshly made bed every day. Satin cotton has a subtle sheen and a supple drape and is wonderfully soft. The washed linen has the typical linen look but is slightly softer, breathes well, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

At SUITE702 you can order all items separately. That means you can vary with duvet cover and pillowcase in material and color. Combine crispy percale cotton with washed linen or shiny satin in almost 50 different colors.