White bedding and more!

Bee SUITE702 we have products in all kinds of beautiful neutral colors of which white predominates. For example, a duvet cover of 200x200 cm or a duvet cover of 240x220 cm in many beautiful neutral colors. Like black, white isn't really a color at all. However, white, like all other colors, evokes emotions. Colors play a major role in making our choices and the emotions we experience with something. This can be a universal meaning of a color or a personal association. A white bathrobe probably gives you a completely different feeling than a brown bathrobe† And white bedding on your bed is of course very different from green bedding

A white bedroom with satin duvet cover

But what associations and emotions does white evoke exactly? White stands for innocence, luxury and simplicity. White is light, pure and of course neutral. It is timeless and makes a (bed) room cool and spacious. In addition, white is excellent in combination with other colors. White forms a beautiful base and is therefore good to use as a background. Especially if you have the intention of making a different color in a room really pop. So do you want a beautiful Scandinavian bedroom and are you looking for inspiration? Then look no further.

The best quality bedding in our neutral colors

Our neutrals are actually a lot of different shades of white. The neutral colors are available in 6 different shades of white. We have our standard White in percale, satin and washed linen. We also have our Pebble (percale), Greige (satin) and Ecru (washed linen). Mix and Match these beautiful different shades of white for a Scandinavian look and make your bedroom an oasis of peace. For more inspiration about the colors in your bedroom you can this article read. 

Luxury Percale Cotton Satin Cotton Bedding

All our products are fromHigh Quality and are made from different types of cotton. For example cotton percale or cotton satin. Percale is a way of weaving for which we at SUITE702 use high-quality organic cotton. Percale is what is called a symmetric bond. Each thread passes over and under a single other thread in the weaving process. The percale cotton of SUITE702 has a thread count of 300TC. This makes it smooth, crunchy and also a bit cool to the touch. It is therefore also called hotel quality. A satin weave is another way of weaving. Here a thread is not woven over and under one thread, but over at least 3 threads. This allows the yarns to be woven even closer together. Our satin cotton has a thread count of 400TC. This makes it extra smooth and has a very luxurious and shiny appearance. Examples of products made from our percale cotton are our bedMATE or our bigDOT† An example of a product made from our satin cotton is our satin pillowcase.

Organic terry cotton and other materials

All our bath products are made from our 100% organic terry cotton. Characteristic of this cotton are the upright loops. The loops are not shaved open with this terry cotton. Terry cotton is very finely soft due to its structure. Due to these characteristic short loops, terry cotton can absorb a lot of moisture and has good insulating properties. That makes it the perfect type of cotton for our luxury, for example beach towels† In addition to our terry cotton, we have other types of cotton such as plaid and waffle! These are also made from organic cotton. For a detailed explanation about the differences between all the materials we use, you can: this article read. 

Sustainable white towels

Sustainability is a high priority for us at SUITE702. From our white towels to our whites bedding† With the products of SUITE702 you can be sure that you are always in the right place. That's because all our products are equipped with the GOTS quality mark† This quality mark is the strictest quality mark in the field of sustainability and social conditions. So you can sleep with a good feeling. It fits perfectly with our mission to provide our customers with a personal Bed Peace. If you want to know more about how we contribute to a more sustainable world, you can: this article read. 

The Bed Peace mission

With all our products we try to contribute to our mission† SUITE702 is not just a name. The inspiration for this comes from John Lennon's famous week at the Hilton in Amsterdam. In 1969 he held a so-called 'Bed-In' here in suite number 702 with his wife Yoko Ono. This week in bed stood for world peace. With our products we try to create their own Bed Peace for our customers. Learn more about ourBed Peace mission you read this blog. We hope our neutral collection gives you the Bed Peace you desire.




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