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To fill your interior with earthy tones, it is useful to know which colors of brown we have

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Earth tones in your bathroom or bedroom

Are you looking for special duvet covers in special colors? SUITE702 is the right place for lots of inspiration for earth tones in your interior! We have many products for the bathroom and bedroom in beautiful brown colors. Colors evoke certain emotions and personal associations in people! So is the color brown. A color can evoke a well-known emotion or be a memory of something personal. A brown bathrobe will certainly give you a completely different feeling than a pink bathrobe† This is how brown bedding in the bedroom is different from blue bedding in the bedroom.

The best quality bedding for a brown bedroom!

Are you looking for a duvet cover 200x200 cm or a duvet cover 240x220 cm in a beautiful brown color? Then it is of course nice to know which emotions belong to the color brown. Like any color, brown has that too. Brown is therefore an earthy color that has many nuances. Brown is a warm color and has a stylish, beautiful appearance. The color stands for completeness, stability and weight. A very mature color that you can also combine beautifully in your interior! Brown works very well with more pronounced colors such as Dusty Rose or Lilac Grey!

A brown duvet or brown pillows

To fill your interior with earthy tones, it is useful to know which brown colors we have. We have products in 12 different earth tones! So many earthy colors for your interior that you can combine wonderfully. So be inspired for more earthy colors in the bathroom or bedroom with these colors. Our beautiful earth tones come in colors such as Toffe, Chestnut, Cognac, Chocolate, Terra and more! For more inspiration regarding colors in the bedroom check this blog! 

Luxury percale cotton or satin cotton bedding

Percale cotton and satin cotton for the best quality bedding. We guarantee that all our products from aHigh Quality to be. Our products are made from many beautiful materials. Two of them are percale and satin cotton. Both percale and satin are one way of weaving. The weaving process is where the differences between the two can be found. With percale cotton we use organic cotton. Percale is a 'symmetrical weave' and has a thread count of 300TC. In the weaving process, each thread is passed over and under another thread. The material feels smooth and wonderfully cool. This thread density is also known as hotel quality.

Then there is also our satin cotton. With an even higher thread density (400TC), this material is very flexible with a beautiful luxurious look. In this weaving process, a thread runs over 3 threads and the yarns are therefore even closer together. Our own and unique bedMATE is an example of a product made from percale cotton. Also our own bigDOT is made of this. For example, a product made from our satin cotton is our satin pillowcase.

Organic terry cotton and more!

In addition to percale and satin cotton, we also have our 100% organic terry cotton. We use this material, for example, for our luxury beach towels† It has certain loops that allow it to absorb a lot of moisture. This cotton is known for its upright loops that are shaved open. This gives the material a very soft structure. Other materials we use are our plaid and waffle cotton! All made of organic cotton, of course. Would you like to learn more about all the materials we use? Which can! Then read this article.

Beautiful earth tones and sustainable!

All our products have it GOTS quality mark† This quality mark ensures our products of a certain degree of sustainability. It also looks at the social circumstances of the employees. Sustainability is important to us because it is in line with our mission. From our brown towels up to our brown bedding† We want our products to be of a certain quality and sustainable. That way you're always in the right place.

The GOTS quality mark is the strictest quality mark in the textile world. Do you want to know more about our mission? Then read this article.

Bed Peace as a mission!

We are on a mission to bring you Bed Peace. With our products we try to contribute to this mission† The name 'SUITE702' is not just a name. Inspiration for this name comes from the famous week of John Lennon in 1969. He then held a so-called 'Bed-In' with his wife Yoko Ono in the Hilton in Amsterdam in suite number 702. This week in bed was of course dominated by world peace. At SUITE702 we try to create a Bed Peace for our customers. For more information about ourBed Peace mission you read this blog. We hope our brown collection gives you the Bed Peace you desire!




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