What is cotton satin?

Satin cotton bedding has many advantages, but is it the right choice for you? Find out in this blog!

But first:

What is cotton?

Cotton is a natural material and comes from the cotton plant. This plant needs a lot of light and that is why it is often grown in warm countries. SUITE702 only works with producers who are also GOTS certified . This is the strictest quality mark in the field of sustainability and social conditions.

Cotton has been used for thousands of years because it is a very fine product. It is strong, durable but also soft and breathable.

The plant grows a kind of woolly fluff, these are removed and the fibers are then spun into a yarn . The yarn is then woven to give us the cotton fabric.

What is satin cotton ?

Many people confuse satin with silk, but satin represents the weaving technique. So satin is not material. When we talk about satin cotton bedding we mean 100% cotton bedding in a satin weave.

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With weaving you always have two directions, the warp thread and the weft thread. With a percale woven cotton duvet cover, the weaving technique consists of 1 thread across and 1 thread underneath . With a satin weave, 4 threads go over the SUITE702 and 1 thread goes under. This allows the yarns to be woven even closer together, resulting in the fabric becoming even more flexible.

What are the benefits of satin cotton?

A satin cotton duvet cover has all the advantages of cotton with some additional advantages:

- It has a beautiful glass that gives you a very luxurious look.
- It feels very smooth, soft and smooth.
- It is easy to maintain and irons much easier than regular cotton.
- It is better for your hair and skin because the smoothness does not give it a chance to 'wrinkle' or become tangled.
- Satin cotton is breathable and moisture absorbent.
- Due to the weaving technique , you experience it as warmer bedding.
- Satin cotton retains its quality.

As you can read, there are many advantages to this beautiful fabric and weaving technique combination! Does this sound like music to your ears? Take a quick look at all the different colors here or read about the other fabrics:

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