We are usually very happy with that when the weather is warm. With warm weather you often have warm evenings. Love it weuntil you go to bed. Sleeping in warm weather is a problem for many people. In fact, 75% of the Dutch suffer from sleeping problems at summer temperatures.

There are plenty of sensible and nonsensical tips for sleeping cooler. We have collected 10 of them for you. 

Tip 1. A fan next to your bed. With a plastic bottle and some ice cubes you have one home-made arco. Really worth it and funny to give it a try.

Tip2. Jump in a cold shower or at least end with cold water. Dive into bed right after. Your body is still cool, long enough to fall asleep peacefully

Tip3.   Sleep with open windows and doors. Let the fresh air in.  

Tip 4. Sleep naked. If you still want to lie under something, an old-fashioned sheet is nice. Most people just don't have these anymore. You can therefore choose to stay underneath you duvet cover lie down without a duvet.

Tip 5.  You can of course turn your pillow around. But you can also put your pillow (in a bag) in the freezer. Sounds like a hassle and you also need a good freezer. But you will be surprised how well this works.

Tip 6. Drink enough. Water, especially no coffee or alcohol.

Tip 7. Let your foot or leg stick out from under the blanket. There are all theories (sleep hacks) who agree that this is the best way to dissipate body heat. There are also people who advise sleeping with wet socks. That seems really awful to me. 

Tip 8.  A summer blanket. In winter, you may be sleeping under an extra thick down comforter. In the summer you may be able to sleep under a thinner duvet. For example, there are 4-season down duvets, which consist of two blankets that can be attached together. We do not sell duvets (yet), but are happy to help you if you are there questions talk about. 

Tip 9. Choose one duvet cover made of highly breathable material. Bed linen made of percale cotton is extra breathable and therefore feels cooler. Thereby is Percale cotton a bit crunchy, it closes here by being less tight and sticky around your body. The crisp, crisp property ensures that percale can sleep nice and cool. You can also choose another natural material such as linen. Linen is often rougher and more open weave.

Satin and especially Flannel are extra warm, which is especially nice to lay under in the winter. What you should at least avoid as much as possible are synthetic materials. This applies to both the duvet and the duvet cover.

Tip 10. Your legs that are on top of or against each other (or rather sticking) also keeps many people awake. In the Dutch East Indies she used one here goeling in front of. The goeling is a round long roll cushion filled with kapok, which you also saw in an open bamboo structure. The gelling was clamped between the legs, arms or chest, which prevented skin-to-skin contact in the warm climate. We have of course filled the delicious bedMATE with goose feathers. The bedMATE use as a headrest or for cooling off during a warm night. We have the bedMATE throughout many colors and will soon also be available in linen.