Bedding material

SUITE702 offers the best quality bed linen. All our bedding is made in Portugal and is always 100% organic and GOTS certified. Because everyone has their own preferences, we have a wide range of materials and weaving techniques.

Percale cotton

We love percale, and for good reason. It is a wonderful, light fabric that breathes and stays beautiful for a long time. Even after many washes.

Percale, or percale cotton, is not a specific type of cotton, but represents a symmetrical weaving technique. Percale is very finely woven and has a very high thread density, also known as 'thread count' or TC. Such fine weaving is only possible with a high-quality long fiber
cotton fiber. Our percale is woven from a cotton, comparable to Egyptian cotton, but then our percale meets the strictest sustainability criteria.

Percale has all the fine properties of cotton, but is of even better quality. Where normal cotton sometimes feels a bit rough, the higher thread density of percale ensures that the fabric feels softer and finer / smoother. Our percale bedding has a thread count of 300, which means that the fabric is very finely woven.

Percale bedding is a bit cooler, breathes well and stays beautiful for a very long time. Because of this you see it a lot in hotels. Percale cotton is therefore also called hotel quality. The material feels wonderfully smooth and crispy. Percale has a bit of the feeling of fresh new bedding, but every day. Delicious!

Satin cotton

Many people think that satin is a material, but this is a misunderstanding. Satin is also often confused with silk, but these have nothing to do with each other. Satin (just like percale) stands for a weaving technique. Because four weft threads run over one warp thread, a beautiful 'satin' shine is created. This allows the yarns to be woven even closer together and the fabric becomes even more flexible.

Cotton woven in a satin weave is supple, light, thin and very soft. Much softer than percale. The satin of SUITE702 has a thread count of 400: 400 threads are used per inch. This is special (let's say extreme) a lot and provides the extra luxurious look, but above all a luxurious touch. In textile jargon you call that the hand of the material.


Linen is a material that comes from the flax plant. The long fibers are often used in clothing but also bedding. Linen is a very strong and durable material. Linen does crease a bit more.

Our washed linen bedding consists of 55% linen and 45% cotton. This is how we combine 'the best of both worlds'. By using a cotton-linen mix and by the way of washing and dyeing, our linen bedding feels a lot smoother. The SUITE702 washed linen has the typical sturdy, cool (vintage) look & feel that you are used to from linen.