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Green is a real trend color for the bathroom and bedroom in 2021. You will not only see it in interiors, but also in the streets of fashion cities such as Paris and Milan. The popularity of the color green is easy to explain. The effect of the color green is that you bring nature into your home with green. And as you may know, nature has a calming effect on every person. Green makes you relax and is the color of (new) life and fresh energy.

Green in your home

You do not only bring green into your home through plants, but also through beautiful green tones in your living room and in your bathroom and bedroom. Green tones range from light to dark and can be combined beautifully with each other and with other colours. From moody to fresh and from very dark to bright green: you can go in all directions with green. It's not too much with greenery, although you may not want to get the feeling that you live in teletubby land. 

SUITE702 has bed linen, towels and bathrobes in no less than seven different shades of green and three different materials. Fancy a bit more nature at home? Go green!

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6 shades of green

Green is a beautiful color that suits every season. Are you looking for a soft, subtle fresh green color for your bedroom? Then our duvet covers and covers are available in the color pistachio what you're looking for. Do you want a darker, earthy color? Then you can choose our percale bedding in forest green or the even deeper, subtle Thyme Green

Would you rather sleep under a satin duvet? Then you can go for our beautiful nature-inspired color Moss. Would you rather have linen bedding in the color green? Then choose the beautiful color Emerald Green. In this emerald-inspired color we also have bathrobes and towels. Still want to throw a little blue into the mix? Then choose the expressive but refined Petrol Green. 

green groen bigdot petrol green bathrobe

Do you want to combine these natural green tones with our beautiful other colors such as, pinkgold, blue, brown-grey, pastel, or Orange-red? Which can! SUITE702 has a large selection of colors and materials.