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The holidays are coming. A fun time that we can (finally) celebrate together again this year. Finding a good gift is always difficult. With our colorful sustainable items you give something nice, something durable, which the recipient will enjoy for a long time. A thoughtful gift that makes someone really happy. We'll give you a helping hand with our smart Gift Better bundles .

bedMATE + percale pillowcase gift

The bedMATE is our most popular item. A buddy for in bed and to use as a headboard.

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A plaid + a second plaid for 50%

With energy prices (and for the environment), heating goes down a notch. That way your (in-law) sister will be warm and so will you.

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A bathrobe + a second bathrobe for 50%

Hardly anyone knows what to give to their (in-law) father. This way you also immediately have a solution for your (in-law) mother.

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A bedding set + 1 or 2* pillowcase(s) as a gift

Bed linen is of course a very nice and useful gift. But with all those different sizes, bedding is also difficult. Of course you can buy a nice set for yourself and give 1 or 2 * extra pillowcase(s) as a gift.

* When purchasing a single set you will receive 1 pillowcase in the same material in a color of your choice as a gift and with a double set 2 pillowcases in the same material in a color of your choice.

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The discount is automatically calculated in the shopping cart. This promotion is valid until 26 December 2022.