SUITE702_bedMATE of the month_Nina Pierson

bedMATE of the month #7: Nina Pierson

Every month we visit a creative, colorful and inspiring person. She or he is the ' bedMATE of the month'.

The bedMATE is the most iconic item in our collection. The extra long pillow serves as a headboard , but also as a cuddle buddy, a friend who gives support.

We crawl into bed with the 'bedMATE of the month. We take a look at their home and their colorful bedroom. In conversation we discover how they experience the SUITE life . What's going on in their heads? Where do they get their inspiration from? What color do they dream in?

This month, all-round creative Nicole Huisman visited Nina Pierson .

When you say women's empowerment, you say Nina, especially when it comes to motherhood. As a mother of three children, Nina has experienced, seen and read a lot. She is surprised about the many taboos surrounding this subject and decided to make it more negotiable. 'In the new season of my podcast Mama'en , for example, we look for the answer to the question 'is the norm normal?' In the field of (longer) feeding and relationship coaching, for example. The previous episodes are still listened to about 400 times every day, super cool, so a new season couldn't be missed!' Mama'en has become a household name anyway, together with a team Nina turns Mama'en into a real brand - so keep an eye on it.

In addition, Nina is committed to sustainability. “This is always evolving for me,” says Nina. 'I am not perfect. I try to eat plant-based as much as I can, for example, but we do sometimes eat an egg, cheese and even very occasionally fish at home. And I also fly to relatives in Sweden (when the children are older we will drive again, as we always did in the past) or on holiday, but I try to keep it to a minimum. Express yourself online about sustainability: something can be found quickly and it is quickly not good enough. But I do what I can, it must also remain livable.'

Nina's house is a dream: together with the interior designers Nicemakers, she and her husband Jop created their dream house. And then I was unexpectedly pregnant with Ella. Our sitting pit, conceived for friends and parties, became a children's play area, haha!' In addition to the amazing interior, the house feels warm and cozy, a real family home. Toys lying around, walls full of drawings, lots of color and fun. SUITE's Peach cotton combined with Inca Gold combine nicely with Nina's copper velvet sofa and green and blue palettes.

And now further? 'Jop and I are working on several exciting projects, which I hope I can share about soon. And Mama's, that's going to be crazy! We're launching something new in November.' We are super curious. Follow Nina's adventures on Instagram, via @ninapierson .