Junior Duvet Cover

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Duvet covers are super important for both adults and children, after all, they are the one you lay under all night when you sleep. We have one especially for children junior duvet cover. The junior duvet covers are for children of all ages and are available in all kinds of cheerful colors. There is a suitable color for every child. All colors are also easy to match.

The junior duvet covers are available in 7 different colors such as nude, sky blue and forest green. 120x150 is the size in which the junior duvet covers are available. The junior duvet covers are made in Portugal and are made from organic percale cotton. The organic cotton is made in a socially responsible manner, breathes well and feels wonderfully smooth.

It duvet cover has no tuck-in strip but does have a blind closure with buttons. The pillowcases are sold separately, so you can add a pillowcase in the color of your choice separately. Perfect for when you want to mix & match and give your creativity free rein.