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You know what feels really luxurious? A set of brand new, super soft towels from the Martens & Martens collection from SUITE702. This collection is based on the art project 'Colours on the Beach' by artist Karel Martens. Within this collection you can choose from a colorful mix that suits every bathroom. These towels, made from socially responsible and sustainably produced terry cotton, not only offer comfort but also a clear conscience. You will be surprised at how this small change affects the atmosphere in your bathroom.

Selection of the best towel sets for your bathroom

The Martens & Martens collection, with its focus on luxury and comfort, ensures that every moment in your bathroom feels special. The towel sets , available in a range of attractive colours, not only offer softness and comfort, but also guarantee sustainability and social responsibility. Each towel, from the guest towels to the bath towels, has a weight of 550 g/m2, which contributes to the rich and luxurious feeling. These towel sets are perfect for those who want to transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and style.

Importance of high-quality towel sets in your daily life

Make something as mundane as bathing extra luxurious and comfortable. You can achieve that with a high-quality towel set. Doesn't it feel great to be wrapped in a cozy, soft towel after a warm bath? That's what the SUITE702 bath towel sets are all about.

And it goes beyond comfort. The colors of the towels elevate the overall look of your bathroom. The mix of vibrant shades of the Martens & Martens collection provide an instant style boost. With every seam, the set exudes a craftsmanship quality that you don't just find.

Different types of SUITE702 towel sets for every household

The Martens & Martens collection enriches the bathroom experience with various towel sets. Guest towels are available in sets of 3 or 6, while the towels come in sets of 4. For the bath towels you can choose from sets of 2 or 4 pieces. This collection, made from soft and durable cotton, offers comfort and luxury. With this offer, SUITE702 ensures a complete and high-quality bath experience.

The Martens & Martens collection offers a range of color combinations of towel sets. The collection includes vibrant and diverse colors including Pink, Royal Blue, Brown, Lime, Sunny Yellow, Sky Blue, and Orange. These colorful options reflect Karel Martens' 'Colours on the Beach' art project, and are intended to bring an artistic and cheerful atmosphere to the bathroom.

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That cozy feeling after a hot shower could be even better. With the comfortable towel sets from the Martens & Martens collection it is an experience in itself! The soft cotton sets, sustainably and socially responsible, add a luxurious feeling to the daily routine. With a mix of colours, there is a style for everyone. Pure comfort wrapped in a sustainable jacket, that is the great thing about the bath collection. And don't forget: more color in the bathroom creates more life in the home. Go for that complete spa experience, order today! This way, everyone can enjoy that bit of quality and good life every day, thanks to SUITE702's soft and durable towels.




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