The power of colours: this is how you create the ideal atmosphere in your bedroom

You spend a very large part of your life in your bedroom. It is the place in the house where you relax, where you process your day, where you might come up with new ideas and where you really don't need anything anymore. Whether it's a teen's room, guest room or your own bedroom: choose colors that match the feeling you want in the room. Colors determine the atmosphere and therefore also affect your state of mind. 

Which color is best for the bedroom?

Most people immediately think of calm and soothing colors for the bedroom, but you can also opt for deep or bright colors. Everything is possible, as long as you make the right color combinations and think carefully about the atmosphere you want to create. It is not only about what color you paint your walls in the bedroom, but also about the decoration of the whole. 

Varying colors in the bedroom

The nice thing is that you can vary and combine endlessly with bedding. So if you have chosen a certain color for your wall and have decorated your bedroom with furniture, you can still influence the atmosphere of your bedroom with bedding and/or pillows in certain colours. And that's great, because maybe your mood is very different one day than the next. And maybe you want your bedroom a whole give a different feeling then in winter.

Neutral colours: the classics

Neutral colors are always recommended for the bedroom. Precisely because you can easily combine these colors with brighter colours. So, for example, if you have opted for a bold color on the wall, bedding in neutral colors can bring the whole into balance. But can also work well to cover your entire bedroom in neutral colors. It is not for nothing that hotels often opt for white bedding: it is fresh, calm and has a calming feeling. U.S white satin bedding set is one of the best-selling sets for a reason. Other neutrals that look great in any bedroom are darker grays such as anthracite or lighter grays like silver grey on pebble

Neutral colors influence the atmosphere in the bedroom:

Grayscale in the bedroom:

  • Comfort and warmth
  • Timeless and classic
  • Edgy and modern (some darker shades)

White in the bedroom:

  • Calm
  • Fresh
  • Gives a spacious feeling
Welke kleuren kies je voor de slaapkamer

Spacious, clean and calm: white in the bedroom

Soft pastel shades: summery and soothing  

Pastel shades are also often chosen in bedrooms. They provide a soft effect and give the room a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere summer vibe. It gives color to your bedroom, without it being immediately crowded or overpowering. The nice thing about pastel shades is that you can combine them endlessly. They go great with each other and for a really sophisticated effect you can combine pastel shades with gray and white tones. With pastel shades, for example, think of softer blue colors such as sky blue, to lilac shades such as lilac grey  or to pale pink shades like blush.

This influence has pastel shades on the atmosphere in the bedroom:

Light blue in the bedroom

  • Calming effect 
  • Fresh
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure

Light pink in the bedroom

  • Romantic
  • Warm
  • Gives a boost to your creativity

Lilac / light purple in the bedroom

  • Creates a relaxed atmosphere
  • Sophisticated 
  • Inspirational
Welke kleuren kies je voor de slaapkamer

Beautiful pastel shades in the bedroom

Pronounced shades: showing color

If more pronounced colors like deep, bright or saturated colors make you happy, why not bring these colors to your bedroom too? After all, the choice is yours and taste is personal. To make it not too overwhelming and eclectic, it is best to combine brighter colors with calm or natural colors or pastel shades. Natural, deep colors can go well together, just like pastel shades. At Suite 702 you can buy different shades of bedding, which you can also combine on a bed. There are a lot of bold colors to choose from. For example, think of the warm red such as red brick, the brown/orange-like shade toffee and the deep green of forest green on moss† Or the pronounced blue tint royal blue† And what about the sunny still gold? 

These influences have pronounced colors on the atmosphere in the bedroom:

Red in the bedroom

  • Brings energy into the room
  • Stimulates love, passion but also anger
  • Statement color

Brown in the bedroom

  • Brings a 'warm feeling' to the room
  • Elegant color
  • Good to combine

Orange in the bedroom

  • Stands for energy and enthusiasm
  • Works activating

Green in the bedroom

  • calming
  • Has a stress-reducing effect
  • Seems to have a positive effect on fertility

Blue in the bedroom

  • Dark blue has a calming effect 
  • Bright blue can really be a statement

Yellow in the bedroom

  • Brings the sun in
  • Stands for joy and happiness

Welke kleuren kies je voor de slaapkamer

Pronounced colors in the bedroom: it pops but still looks calm

The power of color

You already notice that colors can greatly determine the atmosphere in a room and thus also influence how you feel. The nice thing is, of course, when you can alternate with them and make original combinations. That's why bedding and pillows are perfect for styling your bedroom. 

Maybe after reading this blog you will come to the conclusion that it is time for some more color in your bedroom. Or do you decide that it is better to cover the bedroom of your highly flammable teenager in more calming colors. Or maybe you just want to let it depend on the moment, your mood or the season. Be that as it may, we have a huge range of colors and shapes in our collection. Everything is 100% organic and handmade in Portugal and the materials such as silk and cotton feel wonderful. That is not unimportant of course, because once the light is off, it does not matter whether it is covered by shades of green and blue or under crisp white sheets.