What is percale cotton?

Not everyone knows it: percale cotton, or very correctly in Dutch percale cotton. In some countries it is a very well-known term, but in the Netherlands it is still relatively unknown.

We at SUITE702 love it! SUITE702 has the widest range of percale cotton bedding. We currently offer our regular bedding (duvet cover, fitted sheets and pillowcases) in no less than 23 different percale cotton colours . We also sell the popularbedMATE pillowcases and bigDOT pillowcases in all colors of percale cotton. But how much do we really know about this quality bedding?

We've listed everything you need to know about percale bedding. So that you know exactly what you are buying.

What exactly is percale cotton?

Percale itself is a type of weaving used to make sheets, duvet covers and other types of bedding. It follows a (symmetrical) weave pattern of one yarn over and one yarn under and results in a matte finish with a cool, fresh feel.

What makes percale cotton bedding so unique?

Cotton percale sheets are light and airy with a fresh feel, making them perfect for hot sleepers. In addition, percale feels nice and crispy. In addition, percale cotton is characterized by its matte finish and has no sheen (unlike satin ). Percale cotton is also easy to care for: just toss the sheets in the washing machine on a normal cycle for a deep clean that makes them softer after every wash.

What are the benefits of sleeping on cotton percale sheets?

Percale cotton sheets breathe better and feel cooler than other sheets, and they're built to last. These tightly woven sheets resist pilling, so they can withstand years of washing without compromising your sleeping comfort. And because the cotton fibers relax and break over time, good percale cotton sheets will feel slightly softer.

Who should buy percale cotton?

If you dream about sleeping in five-star hotel quality bedding, you are actually dreaming about cotton percale. Percale cotton sheets feel wonderfully crisp and crispy, so that every night you have the feeling that you are stepping into a freshly made bed. Who wouldn't want that? Cotton percale bedding is both soft and cool to the touch, making it ideal for warm and cool sleepers alike. A percale cotton duvet cover is also ideal for staying cool at night in warmer climates.

Are there also disadvantages?

The only drawback of percale cotton is that it wrinkles a little more due to the weaving method and the high thread density . Cotton bed linen may be called percale cotton from a thread count of 200. SUITE702 bed linen has a thread count of no less than 300TC. This makes it extra smooth and the material feels wonderfully (unparalleled) luxurious. But it does crease a bit more. By not taking the bedding completely dry from the dryer, but by hanging it to iron dry, it is a lot less wrinkled. If you like smooth, silky soft bedding, then satin may be a more suitable alternative.

Is SUITE702 percale cotton sustainable?

Our percale cotton bedding is made from sustainable (organic/ sustainable) cotton. The material is GOTS certified . What makes percale cotton bedding extra durable is the fact that it stays beautiful for a very long time. Composed of tightly woven threads, these light and airy sheets are fresh and cool to sleep on, easy to wash, and built to last.