Why you prefer to hibernate in lovely satin bedding

We could all use a little more comfort, right? We think a luxurious, hotel-like experience at home will do. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your bedroom and create the SUITE feeling at home is with our satin bedding. Our satin bedding is soft with just the right amount of warmth and a matte sheen. In this way we take the suite feeling to a higher level. Read on to learn why you should upgrade your bed with today satin bedding.

How is satin made?

Our satin is made of high quality GOTS certified Organic cotton in the Guimaraes region in the north of Portugal. U.S bedding is finished with a signature double backstitch for a refined look found in a five-star hotel. The weave makes satin a chic and luxurious choice for your bed

Is satin nice in the winter?

In the colder months, satin is a nice option because it is more tightly woven. The fabric's unique weave and drape weight help to absorb the heat, keeping you nice and warm and comfy in bed. Imagine lying in a soft satin bed all winter ... Just a hibernation, that's what everyone wants.

What does satin look like?

We call our satin sometimes also called a matte satin because it does not have the overly shiny appearance that is typical for the fabric. It is shiny, elegant and a super luxurious fabric. It provides a refined look, which is very reminiscent of a beautifully made bed in a super chic hotel. What's more, satin is naturally more wrinkle-resistant, so your bedding will look beautiful even after washing and use.

How style your satin?

To create the suite feeling at home, you can also go for white or white tones, such as Greige and Champagne. Combine it with our delicious soft down sandwich in soft / medium or medium / firm and a fantastic 4-season down duvet cover, and you won't get out of bed for the next few months. Prepare for the feeling of sleeping in a cloud! This way you create a super luxurious suite feeling. Exactly what you deserve.