Most people should sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. 6 to 8 hours is considered normal. If you sleep 8 hours your entire life, you will be in bed for 1/3 of your life. This is THE standard story when you choose a new mattress in a bed shop.

“Expensive, I wouldn't call it expensive. Costly maybe, but when you consider that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, it is very affordable. How much time per day do you spend in your car? ” you can hear the seller say it like this. And of course he has a point. But buying a very expensive bed only affects procrastination for the first few weeks.

Despite the fact that people like to sleep, many people suffer from sleep deprivation. They have difficulty falling asleep, they sleep badly, but they mostly go to bed too late. This is due to the tendency to procrastinate. People who have a hard time resisting temptation in everyday life or who like to procrastinate on awkward chores are also more likely to go to bed later than they intended. This is evident from a study by the UMC.

We want to, but find it difficult to go. Lie down in your nest at 10 am, easier said than done. First an email to some colleagues. With your laptop or mobile on the couch some posts from other likes. To finally watch another episode of that addictive series. There will always be two, you know that yourself. Ever opened a Twix and pulled one out to save the other for tomorrow? Exactly.

30% of people sleep less than 6 hours; of course, everyone has different sleep needs. But more than 80% do not get enough sleep more than once a week. We all just sleep far too little. Everyone knows about themselves and we are all fed up with it. Especially when we wake up tired and broke the next morning.

The world is turned upside down and is changing faster than ever. We live in a 24/7 economy, and the things we do, that we spend a lot of time on are super addictive. Social Media, Netflix, your mobile. The competition for our night's sleep has intensified, while our bed has actually not changed that much.

You used to just go to bed because there was nothing on TV anymore. What should we do with that procrastination? How do we deal with the “sleep procrastinator” in ourselves. We exhibit behavior that makes us really upset, what can we do about it? If "the bed" wants to make a fist against all those addictive stimuli, it could use some help.

I think it's all about seduction. If you want to lose weight, you should not buy cookies, but tasty snack tomatoes. You're not going to make it with an unwashed celeriac. How do you tempt yourself to go to sleep earlier?

1. Make your bed in the morning

Imagine you are sitting on the couch busy "procrastinating"; you actually want to go to bed, you are tired, but the TV is on and you have your mobile within reach. If your bed is lying there like a sweaty rag in a stinking hole, then it won't seduce you. A made bed in a nice fresh room - you just opened the window quickly - knows how to seduce you. A made-up bed is welcoming. It's about what's to come: a good night's sleep. A sleep in bed is about the night before. No idea what you were up to then, it is certainly not as fresh as a nice and clean bed.

    2. Air your room

    I just said. Make sure your bed and your room are nice and fresh. Oxygen in, sleep in room air out.

    3. Change your bedding

    That's right, changing bed linen is just a bit of a shame. Once you have started it is not too bad. It is mainly the notion that is against it that makes us postpone changing bed linen so often. I timed it: two pillows, a fitted sheet and a double duvet cover I can do (and I'm quite clumsy at that kind of thing) in less than 4 minutes. Change it once a week.

    The first few days after it has been changed, your bed will always feel extra comfortable. You know it and because you know it you also like to go to bed earlier.

    4. Make sure your bed is a little snug

    A rib from your body for a decent mattress, but he can't be tempted to go to bed. It is really the bedding that steals the show. Therefore, make sure your bed is top notch, with bedding that appeals to you, that suits you. Treat yourself to luxurious hotel bedding. Treat yourself to some Bed Peace. That is why on you can put together a set exactly the way you want it.