Discover the different SUITE702 bedding materials

At SUITE702 we understand the value of a good night's sleep in stylish bed linen. But which material suits you best? We offer a range of sustainable bedding, each with their unique properties. We have listed the three bedding materials we offer for you. Discover which bed linen suits your wishes and needs for a wonderful sleeping experience.

Don't worry if multiple materials appeal to you. We see that many people alternate different materials.


For those who love a crisp feeling and cooling during warm nights, our percale cotton collection is the ideal choice. With a thread count of 300, this fabric offers a refined and durable option. Percale cotton is perfect for those who love:

  • Cool, crisp sheets that feel like a freshly made bed
  • For cool sleepers but suitable for all year round
  • A sturdy and durable fabric that will last a long time
  • A timeless modern look
  • Sustainability


Experience the luxury of linen with our washed linen collection. Linen is warm in winter and cool in summer. The SUITE702 washed linen is a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton. It offers the best of both worlds. Because it is a washed blend, it feels extra soft and is very breathable, but it does have the typical vintage linen look. This breathable fabric feels great and only gets better with use. Linen is ideal for those who love:

  • A natural, luxurious look
  • Good ventilation and moisture regulation
  • Durability and comfort


Be seduced by the luxurious softness and subtle shine of our cotton satin collection. With a thread count of 300, this fabric offers unparalleled flexibility and refinement. Cotton satin is perfect for those who love:

  • Luxurious feeling bed linen
  • A subtle shine that gives depth to the color
  • A slightly warmer sleeping experience
  • A classic look

Which bed linen suits you?

Discover it at SUITE702 and enjoy a perfect night's sleep in stylish luxury.