Bed linen creases, including SUITE702 bed linen. We would have preferred to tell you something else, but it is. SUITE702 bedding may even crease a little more than other bedding. This has a number of, actually very positive, reasons:

  • 1. The material
  • 2. The way of weaving
  • 3. The treatment

1. The material.

SUITE702 bedding is made from long-fiber organic cotton. Only natural materials are used. Natural materials have the advantage of being more breathable and more comfortable. But unlike synthetic materials, it creases more. In cheaper hotels, a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester is often used. As a result, the bed quickly looks neat, while it does not breathe well and feels less comfortable.

2. The way of weaving

The SUITE702 bedding is woven percale. With a percale binding, the number of horizontal threads is equal to the number of vertical threads. You may speak of "percale" if at least 200 threads per square inch are woven. The number of threads per square inch is also referred to as thread count. In English they call it thread count. SUITE702's bedding has 300 threads per square inch. These are a lot of very thin threads that are very tightly woven. Percale with a high thread density is nice and cool and feels smooth and crisp. The downside is that it creases a bit more.

3. Treatment

As there are non-iron shirts, wrinkle-free bed linen is also offered. We are not a fan of this. Products that are advertised as wrinkle or iron free have undergone a chemical treatment. Often a product like formaldehyde is used. Such chemical applications can help with wrinkling, but we don't like the idea of lying there (naked naked) night after night. The SUITE702 bedding is therefore not only GOTS but also OEKO TEX certified. This guarantees that no harmful chemicals have been added and that you can enjoy delicious, fine and safe bedding.

From the creases. Fortunately, there are a number of other useful tips:

  • Do not put the bedding in the dryer, but hang it out
  • Take it out right after the wash. Do not leave it in the washing machine for too long.
  • Shake the bedding well before hanging it.
  • If you still like to put it in the dryer, set the dryer on a moderate temperature and remove it on time and iron dry.
  • Do not throw the bedding in the closet like a wad, but fold it up
  • SUITE702 bed linen with creases also feels great. The wrinkles that are there will be gone after a day or two.
  • Yes, you can of course iron your bedding. This is a bit of work, but your bedding feels extra nice, luxurious and soft.
  • You can iron the bedding at some dry cleaners. This is more affordable than you might think. Mangling is an old-fashioned method, which nowadays takes place with modern machines and which the more expensive hotels make frequent use of. Ironing involves pulling the wet, freshly washed bedding through two rotating, very warm cylinders. The water is, as it were, pushed out of the textile and ironed at the same time. This makes the bedding dry and tight and it feels extra crisp.