A special summer duvet

A specialsummer duvet , it sounds luxurious...

And that is it. But I slept much better during warm nights.

Soft, cozy and luxurious, the down duvet is essential for a perfect night's sleep. There is nothing better than lying under a very nice full down blanket in the winter. Not too heavy, but with a lot of volume. Warm but not too hot. With the right down duvet, your bed will turn into a cloud of bliss.

But in the summer, a down duvet can quickly become too heavy. I just don't like lying under a sheet. I need some weight anyway. But my own down duvet is too warm.

But how much down is the right filling for you to have a good night's sleep? That is of course personal preference. SUITE702 offers 3 different solutions:

  1. Duck down summer duvet
  2. Goose down summer duvet
  3. The linen summer duvet

Fill power down

The most important thing to look for when buying a down duvet cover is the fill power, which is essentially a measure of how fluffy the down is. The higher the fill power of the down, the better the comforter. The down flakes of the fully grown goose are somewhat larger than those of the duck. With less down, you can achieve the same fill power faster with goose down.

Higher fill power means a warmer and lighter comforter. That's because fluffier down has a higher insulating capacity and can hold more air, so less down is needed to fill the same space than a lower fill power down, which needs to be heavier to get the same amount of warmth.

Bit of a complex story. Both our goose and duck down have a high fill power. But goose down is lighter and slightly more exclusive than duck down. The cover (also called ticking) of the goose down duvet is made of a slightly lighter material. I like both myself.

Down all year round

Purchasing a special duvet for the summer is of course quite expensive. It is only really hot in the Netherlands and Belgium for a few months. A big advantage of both the goose and duck down duvet is that you can easily attach it to a spring/autumn duvet with press studs. With two duvets put together you have an extra warm winter duvet. A summer duvet together with a spring duvet is also called a four-season duvet . You can buy a summer duvet and later realize that you would like to attach a spring duvet (spring) to it. With this solution you have the ideal duvet for every season.

Linen summer duvet

Finally, we recently also have a linen summer duvet. The linen/Tencel duvet consists of a high-quality mix of 70% linen with 30% Tencel, with a 100% Lyocell Satin cover. Tencel is a natural fiber made from fibers such as wood bark. Similar to bamboo.

This natural linen duvet is especially suitable for warm summer nights due to the cooling effect that linen has by itself. The mix of linen with Tencel makes it cool and super moisture-regulating. Just think of linen clothing. Linen has a high air permeability and has unique heat conductive properties.

The ticking is made of the wonderfully light Lyocell - Satin that has exceptionally good moisture regulation. The surface is very smooth, making this cover anti-mite. The duvet is washable, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Compared to down, the linen summer duvet is a lot flatter. It doesn't have the typical feel of a 'cloud'. But it does offer some weight. I like a little weight myself. It offers some security.

As for bedding, I prefer to use percale cotton in the summer. That has a nice fresh cool feeling and breathes well. So no clammy nights for me.

A lovely sultry summer, with warm nights. Bring it on. I am ready!
SUITE dreams.