Bathrobe, old-fashioned or indispensable?

Les Tenue du Quarantine

Bathrobes may seem a bit old-fashioned. And of course they are. The Japanese Kimonos has been around for many centuries. European dressing gowns have been around since the 16th century. But of course they are no longer old-fashioned. Even before the lock-down, the bathrobe or kimono was already very popular. But during the lockdown, the bathrobe has been embraced en masse as the ideal “ tenue du quarantine ”. Now we can't imagine a life without it. Nothing better than spending the whole day in your comfortable yet stylish bathrobe.

The bathrobe is indispensable in everyone's closet. It's a wardrobe essential - whether you work remotely from home, are a self-confessed homebody or just like to change into your comfy as soon as you close the door behind you.

With a keen eye for fabrics that feel good against the skin, SUITE702 has a range of luxurious kimonos. For every season and everyone's preference. Just as luxurious bed linen can help you sleep better, the bathrobe helps you enjoy all the times of the day when you are not sleeping.

When could you wear a bathrobe?

A bathrobe is mainly used for privacy. In the past, bathrobes were usually referred to as dressing gowns. Originally, the purpose of bathrobes is to cover your body between periods when you are not wearing regular clothes, such as after a shower or when choosing an outfit. Because they are made from the same materials as towels , bathrobes also help absorb water and keep you warm. Nowadays you can just as easily wear a bathrobe all day long. Especially if they look good and are super comfortable.

So, what are bathrobes for, and when is a good time to wear a bathrobe? The short answer is: always. When not? I even sometimes go to the bakery in my bathrobe. And I'm not the only one.

  • When you get out of the shower or bath
  • When choosing your clothes for the day
  • While ironing your clothes
  • At home after work on the couch with a nice series
  • When you do your hair or make-up
  • During your daily skincare routine
  • At the pool or on the beach
  • On holiday
  • While drinking coffee in the morning
  • Before bedtime
  • When you stay at someone else's house
  • When you want an extra layer of warmth at home
  • When you work at home
  • Before you go to an important dinner / event but don't want to wear your nice / neat clothes yet

Bathrobes protect your skin from the sun when you are not wearing any clothes. Bathrobe helps you dry off quickly and gives warmth. A beautiful modern designed Kimono is so chic that you can look great with it. Also with your in-laws or the neighbours.

What are the different types of bathrobes and which material is best?

From stepping out of the shower and sipping a cappuccino to searching your closet before getting dressed, there's no shortage of occasions when a robe comes in handy.

But what is the best bathrobe materials? For a choice of luxurious materials you have come to the right place at SUITE702. Made from the best fabrics, always organic, SUITE702 offers three different types of bathrobes reminiscent of luxury spas and five-star hotels. We have a Waffle kimono , a washed linen bathrobe and a jersey sweater style kimono .

We offer all of them in a wide variety of colours. Both outspoken fashionable colors and stylish neutrals. All bathrobes are designed to fit both men and women. We offer the unisex bathrobes in two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large.

Linen bathrobe

The washed linen bathrobe from SUITE702 is made in Portugal. The soft washed linen is a blend of cotton and linen. All bed and bath textiles from SUITE702, including this bathrobe, are sustainable, organic/ecological and GOTS certified. The bathrobe is the epitome of natural luxury. SUITE702 offers the linen bathrobe in 8 earth-inspired shades. The typical linen bit earthy colors are: Mocca , Hay , Ecru , Sienna Red , Stone Gray and Blush . Completely in the same style but slightly less arch is the color Navy Blue ; a somewhat more masculine color, which also exudes the typical relaxed vibe of linen.

Due to the blend of cotton and linen and because the material is pre-washed, the bathrobe immediately feels nice and soft; softer than normal linen. Over time, by washing and wearing, the linen becomes increasingly soft. I promise you an addictive feeling. You will never want to take off the linen bathrobe this summer.

Waffle bathrobe

The SUITE702 waffle bathrobe is woven from 100% organic Turkish cotton. The cotton of this bathrobe is also GOTS certified. The lightweight bathrobe with a pleasantly airy woven texture is ideal for the sauna or spa. But also ideal for the bathroom or home in warm weather for hanging out at home in the summer.

The waffle bathrobe is designed with a sense of style and has a number of special details. The belt is attached to the back, so you will never lose it. The blind pockets are not sewn on, but invisible, which gives the bathrobe a refined and subtle look. The waffle bathrobe is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL and no less than 8 fresh colours. From Lilac Gray toStone Blue . From Emerald Green to Toffee . There is a suitable color for everyone.

Finally, the waffle bathrobe has a gold-colored Bed Peace pin referring to the namesake and famous suite where John Lennon and Yoko Ono kept their Bed. If you want to spend a week in bed, you will of course need a nice bathrobe.

Jersey Bathrobe

The jersey bathrobe that SUITE702 offers is incomparable to any other bathrobe out there. Completely unique. The jersey bathrobe can best be compared to your favorite sweater. The sweater style bathrobe is a real thick jersey. Once you put it on, you won't take it off. The thick material is a bit boxy, so it keeps its own shape. Short and a bit boxy; a typical kimono look but also a bit street because of the sweater material.

Color is key within the SUITE702 collections. The bathrobes are available in various cool colors and the embroidered Bed Peace logo gives an extra color accent. The jersey bathrobes are sturdy, but wonderfully soft and extra roughened on the inside.

The sturdy unisex bathrobe made of organic cotton (GOTS certified) has typical sweater pockets with a detachable waistband. The bathrobes are available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

Do I have to match my bathrobe with my towels ?

Many people wonder if they should match their bathrobe with their towels . If you reach for your robe when you get out of the bath or shower, it's probably hanging next to your bath towels. That's why it's nice if your bathrobe has the same color as your towel. The colors of the waffle bathrobes match the bathrobes. The colors of the linen bathrobe match the linen bedding. After all, you sometimes lie on your bed with a bathrobe.

Fortunately, there are no rules, we don't like rules at all. In the end it is entirely your choice. The colors you'll find at SUITE702 are designed to complement each other and can certainly be mixed and matched as you see fit.

You don't necessarily need more than one bathrobe. But if you step into a bathrobe right after bathing and also like to wear one when you walk around the house, you may want to have two on hand. For example, maybe you grab a waffle bathrobe after showering, but wear a linen bathrobe in the morning when you read the newspaper. In the winter you may prefer to wear an extra soft, somewhat heavier Jersey bathrobe, while in the summer you prefer to opt for summery airy linen.

Washing and care of bathrobes

All SUITE702 bathrobes can be put in the washing machine. It is best to wash your bathrobe in cold (or not too warm) water on a gentle cycle. Textiles stay beautiful the longest; keep its color when you wash it cold.

Use a mild detergent, such as a natural detergent and dry your bathrobe in the dryer with a low spin number. Fabrics retain their best appearance if you don't put them in the dryer, but hang them out. This is also better for the environment and the energy bill.

Benefits of having a bathrobe

Why are you wearing a bathrobe? Lots of reasons. Besides covering you, it keeps you warm and cozy when you're not dressed. With a bathrobe you always have something to wear when putting on normal clothes is not the most convenient or logical option.

Maybe you prefer to sleep completely naked, but you don't want to go naked through the house when you go to the toilet. Having breakfast naked is also not popular with everyone. A bathrobe is then not a superfluous luxury.

Enjoy the SUITE life. Be comfy and look fabulous.