3 insights why you should give your bedroom an upgrade during the holiday period

The summer is coming. Last period - after two lost Corona summers - we made massive holiday plans. It took weeks. Comparing accommodation until late at night. How are the reviews of the hotel? Doesn't that nice accommodation -which was full- still have room?

If you are going to do something tropical, you still have the visa and vaccination issues that you have to deal with. On the Route du Soleil we scrupulously avoid the black red Saturdays. Now we can finally leave, there is a hassle at Schiphol. We may not go at all. Panic!

Whatever you're going to do, vacation is hard work and it starts with the preparations. Some call it anticipation, others holiday stress. One thing is certain, once it's vacation, you're in great shape. We often forget how nice it is to be home. A few personal insights.

1. The FOMO Holiday Vibe

Everyone is on vacation except you. Everyone shares the most beautiful picture of the most special beaches and eateries on Instagram. No one shares how disappointing the accommodation is. They have not invested weeks of holiday stress, I mean anticipation, for that. And you? You feed the neighbour's cat. You water your sister's plants and you guard the fort at the office all alone.

Everyone is on an Instagramable holiday. And so you are home. Moving mountains of work. Keeping all the balls in the air. Running you out of the seam. If anyone deserves to spoil themselves a little, it's you. That can be very small. For example , with a good night 's sleep with wonderfully luxurious bedding . And the great thing is, when everyone is back from vacation, you can still look like a prince.

2. The holiday is over and forgotten even faster

Doesn't matter whether you go five days a weekend or two weeks. Once back and you immediately lose the holiday and the holiday feeling. Funnily enough, on vacation you always need a few days (I certainly need a week) to let go of your work. Finding your holiday spin always takes a while. But vice versa, it goes fast. Two days at the office (work) and you have completely lost the holiday feeling; like you never left.

There are a number of solutions for this.

  • Go on vacation permanently. It sounds ridiculous and it kind of is, but that might just be jealousy. There are people who rent out their house and live for an apple and an egg, somewhere in the tropics. You will never have a vacation from your vacation again. By going on permanent vacation, you completely eliminate the concept of “holiday”. It's all very meta. I wouldn't burn my fingers on it.
  • Instead of a long holiday, often on holiday. There are psychologists who believe that this is better. After your (short) holiday you can immediately start with the "anticipation" of your next holiday. You automatically retrain yourself as a holiday consultant. In the period between the holidays you actually have two jobs. This way you can be sure that you often need a holiday.
  • After your vacation, you can hold on to that holiday feeling for as long as possible. Not by eating rotten chicken on the street and having to go to the toilet 10 times a night. You can take the positive things home very easily. Don't build Excels on your PC late at night, but enjoy reading a book. No one forbids you to read a book at home, yet most of them only read on vacation. You can of course also enjoy a good night's sleep in luxurious bedding , as you did in that much too expensive luxury hotel on the Côte d'Azur. Not for a week, but all year round. This way you can enjoy the holiday all year round.

3. East west, home is best

The anticipation is already hard work. But once on vacation, it's completely forgotten. Mosquitos that buzz and sting all night. Sweltering heat that won't make you sleep a wink. A bad mattress and even worse pillow. In fact, the entire holiday seems designed to rob you of your night's sleep. Fortunately, you have all day on vacation to rest and catch up on the bad nights.

Little faint often enough you also sleep in a wonderfully luxurious bed with wonderful luxurious bedding . But your own bedroom, your own bed, is the best place to sleep. If you compare your own bedroom to all those fantastic places in the world, your own bed is still the nicest place in the world to be. If not, I suggest you change that soon. A nice pillow and lovely luxurious bedding will go a long way.

Everyone enjoy the holiday. And enjoy your own bed even more ;-)