After buying a new bed, we thought it would only be finished with a set of lovely bedding. Wow wow wow suite702 makes your new bed really new. this really sleeps wonderfully. We secretly go to bed earlier every night. The Service and personal packaging complete the party. Nothing else for us anymore.


Packed with a lot of love and made of beautiful material. Also perfect and breathable during the balmy summer nights. Quality also remains very good after a number of washes.

 "DELICIOUS!"     ★★★★★

A wonderfully supple duvet cover that 'moves' with the seasons, nice and cool in the summer and also comfortable when it gets colder. No annoying tuck-in lanes.




 The colors are very beautiful and stay well after washing (the dark blue ones too), the material is wonderfully soft. Ironing is also easy. I am very satisfied and recommend it to everyone.




Much more expensive bed linen in the wardrobe, but nothing as nice as that of suite702. 

Dennis de Groot



We really love these duvet covers and pillowcases. After the first set we immediately bought 2 extra sets to replace our old sets. Once you are under this, you don't want anything else. The sheets are soft but also have something 'crisp', which makes them feel nice and cool. This is a completely different quality than we had before. This quality really provides a different sleeping experience. They are also very nicely finished, so that the opening (where the duvet goes in) is not bothersome, for example. The colors are cheerful and beautiful. We also deliver super fast, in nice packaging. All in all, highly recommended!

Allard Luchsinger


"IDEAL!"      ★★★★★

Comfy and stylish at a great price! will definitely order more :)

"DELICIOUS"     ★★★★★

What a nice cover! The color is beautiful and the fabric is nice and smooth and sturdy, exactly what you want. Finishing nicely, logo subtle and it came out neat and still full of color. In short; a winner.

Evelien Reich


"COLOR!!"     ★★★★★

I bought the first set in careful pastel colors. It feels so great that I soon bought a second set, this time in a colorful mix. I was used to white bedding, but these colors are subtle and special!

Fridy Visser Knof



In many 4-star hotels worldwide where I have slept, they cannot match this bedding. It lies and feels really good! I can no longer walk and stand, which means that I can get up and down from bed on my hands and shuffle, but because these sheets are so wonderfully smooth, it takes much less effort for me. Absolutely TOP bedding !! In this heat it is nice and cool, I really go to bed earlier now. This is treating yourself !!



"HOW FAST CAN YOU WASH?"     ★★★★★

If this bedding is removed, it must be put back on as soon as possible. We are hooked and don't really want anything else anymore. Super quality at a good price.

Leslie de Swaan


"COMFORT & REST"      ★★★★★

Very comfortable bed linen, cool on warm nights and nice and crispy. Is nice and heavy as if it is hugging you. Fine finish. Very thoughtful delivery. For the value for money a 10 - excellent.

Rob van der Eng


"GRANT YOURSELF!"     ★★★★★

My son got to choose a SUITE702 bedding set for his 11th birthday. It became 'petrol', all in one color. That color was even more beautiful in real life than on the site, really enchantingly deep and intense. He had to get used to the 'creaking' percale (he is used to linen and antique damask) but that did not take long: he thinks it is super deluxe and since then goes to bed remarkably often (!!). For ourselves we have chosen a beautiful nude with sand mix, but it will be taken with us to our house in France ... I can't wait for that to happen! Until then I occasionally crawl next to my dear son and I think 'wow', what bliss! Treat yourself!

Mo Field


:-) .         ★★★★★

We have been sleeping in SUITE702 for a while and we love it! We bought the hopjes custard color. Goes great with the white walls and black wooden floor. And it is really nice quality! The fabric and finish immediately give you a feeling of luxury. Moreover, sustainably produced. And how nice that you can put the colors together! Can go on for a while but I'm going to bed :-)

Ingeborg Caluwe



I really enjoy all the beautiful details, the packaging, the bedding itself, the colors, cards, etc. Feels great, especially because it is sustainably produced. Immediately brought some old bedding to the recycling container. It is an investment, but what a difference!

Fridy Visser Knof


"WHAT A DIFFERENCE!"     ★★★★★

You only notice how important good bedding is once you have slept under it. What a difference from what we had before. SUITE702 is top quality bedding (with beautiful details and finishes) and that for a very competitive price. We can recommend it to everyone!



"PERFECT"      ★★★★★

In a magazine I saw an ad for Suite 702. Looked up the site and it really appealed to me. Placed an order and delivered the next day. Packed with care and attention. Unfortunately the order was incomplete, but after an email we were promised to send the missing sheet. Indeed next day at home. The bedding is great, nice and crispy and soft. Beautiful colors, difficult to choose. Only ordered one set within 1 month;)



"THEY WERE RIGHT"      ★★★★★

How nice that we received our bed linen personally. We live on the home-work route. That makes it equally visible that you can also buy products close to home, and that is where they are made. At first I thought that the size of the fitted sheet was wrong, too wide. Then I measured my Auping mattress, which turned out to be not 180 but rather 175 at the corners. The sheet was correct, the mattress was not. The material is nice and crispy, it feels firm but soft at the same time. The color is beautiful. Happy with!



"TOP"      ★★★★★

Top bedding

David de Swaan


"WOW!"     ★★★★★

Opening the package was a gift in itself. Super quality!! Can be washed and applied well. And nice that you can mix all colors.