Down material

Down duvets

A duvet made of down gives a luxurious feeling. The feather-light down falls wonderfully. It is light but has volume and mass, which makes it nice to lie under. A down comforter will keep you warm on cold days. Down ventilates well, so you perspire less.

SUITE702 works together with a Dutch producer and only uses certified down. Only down and feathers with the DownPass are used. DownPass is the quality mark for down and feathers with the strictest animal welfare criteria. Strict attention is paid to: good accommodation, sufficient food and drink, protection against diseases and the presence of trained care staff. The feathers/down are a residual product of the meat. Live picking, force-feeding and keeping animals in cages are strictly prohibited.

We offer several down duvets, so you will find down duvets made of German duck down and duvets made of Polish goose down. We have three different kinds, all delicious. One is slightly more luxurious than the other.

1. Comfort duck down

A very comfortable high-quality down duvet filled with 90% German duck down and 10% small duck feathers.

2. Premium goose down

A luxurious down duvet filled with 90% Polish goose down and 10% small goose feathers. Goose down has a greater fill power than duck down. The down feathers are even fluffier, making the duvets slightly softer and thicker (but not heavier) than duck down.

3. Royal goose down

This is our most luxurious down duvet. We don't have better. The down duvet is fully (100%) filled with Polish white goose down in a very luxurious batiste ticking. The beautiful cover is made of a very high-quality satin woven cotton. NM190 batiste ticking is extra flexible and light. Pure Luxury!

Linen summer duvet

In addition to down duvets, SUITE702 also offers a linen duvet filling. This is a wonderful natural duvet for those warm summer nights. The mix of linen with Tencel makes it cool, comfortable and very moisture-regulating. The satin cover is made of very light and well-ventilated Lyocell. Linen is made from flax, Tencel from eucalyptus wood and Lyocell from wood pulp. All are vegetable products. The linen summer duvet therefore contains no animal products.


We offer three different (regular) pillows . We offer a unique sandwich cushion in Soft/Medium and Medium/Firm. The sandwich pillow combines wonderfully soft comfort with sufficient firmness and support. The core of the pillow is a separate compartment filled with goose feathers for more firmness. Around the core is a compartment on both sides filled with super soft duck down. Of course, these feathers and this down also have the DownPass.

In addition, SUITE702 also offers a vegan pillow. This one is filled with Dreamball. This is a high quality synthetic down. Synthetic pillows often lack resilience or have thick chunks. The vegan pillow actually feels exactly like down. It is slightly softer than the regular pillows. The vegan pillow does not have the firmly filled core with goose down.

bedMATE and bigDOT

We offer the special pillows such as the bedMATE and the bigDOT with two different fillings. The regular bedMATE and bigDOT are firmly filled with goose feathers. This makes it a nice heavy firm pillow, like a firm pillow. The quills, of course, have the DownPass; the quality mark for down and feathers with the strictest animal welfare criteria.

We also offer the bedMATE and bigDOT in a vegan version. This one is filled with Dreamball. This is a high quality synthetic down. The vegan variant is slightly softer than the bedMATE and bigDOT filled with goose feathers.