Material Bath textiles


Our luxury hotel towels are made from organic cotton. The towels are made in Turkey, the country known for its expertise in towel making. It is not for nothing that the term Turkish Towels exists.

The extremely heavy quality (550 gr/m) has a short loop. This makes the towels comfortably heavy, soft and compact. The loop consists of two short yarns and is technically called double twisted. This makes the towel so nice and heavy and soft, but it also stays beautiful longer. The twisted loop loses less fiber in the wash.


SUITE702 offers different types of bathrobes, all in a wide variety of colours. All bathrobes are unisex and we offer them in 2 sizes: narrow/ medium and large/ extra large.

1. Waffle Bathrobe

This kimono style bathrobe is made from a high-quality double-ply waffle. The waffle bathrobe is a bathrobe as you also see them in luxury hotels. The wafer consists of relatively small squares. The fabric is firm, which gives the bathrobe a typical kimono look. The material after washing slightly softer. Naturally, the bathrobe is made of 100% organic cotton

2. Linen/cotton bathrobe

Our washed linen bathrobe is made from the same material as the washed linen bedding. The material consists of 55% linen and 45% cotton. The linen bathrobe is GOTS certified and 100% organic. The washed linen bathrobe has a casual summer look.

3. Sweater Style Bathrobe

The Sweater Style bathrobe is a bathrobe like you won't find anywhere else. Made from a heavy jersey fabric, it's just like your favorite sweater. The sweater fabric is made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and is double combed on the inside. This makes the heavy fabric wonderfully soft on the inside.