All (bed & bath) textiles from SUITE702 have the GOTS quality mark. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is the world's leading quality mark for organic textile products. GOTS sets strict requirements for the environmental aspects of the entire production process: from processing, production, to packaging, trade and distribution of the textile. Annually, inspections are carried out on the environment, animal welfare and the social conditions of the people who make the products.

The bag (tote) in which the bed linen is delivered is made of upcycled hotel linen. In this case, upcycling means that old table linen has been transformed into a new destination. When textile is recycled, the material is first destroyed and then used to make new yarn and weave new fabric. Although recycling is of course fantastic, the energy and raw material consumption is considerable. With upcycling, the product (in this case table linen) is not destroyed but is given a new function. So no new cotton is grown for it. This saves water, electricity and other raw materials. SUITE702 works for the bag together with the brand with “I AM NOT A VIRGIN”. An appropriate name, because the material does not harvest new raw materials, but reuses existing ones. I AM NOT A VIRGIN is a Texool brand, and carries the Global Recycled Standard quality mark.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a test and certification system for textiles. The independent standard focuses on limiting the use of harmful substances in textile products and looks at the health of users and makers. The aim is to give consumers certainty about the absence of harmful substances in clothing and other products. The label actually means Confidence in Textiles. All products with the label have been tested for harmful substances and remain under strict minimum values.

DownPass is the quality mark for down and feathers with the strictest criteria in the field of animal welfare. Strict attention is paid to: good accommodation, sufficient food and drink, protection against diseases and the presence of trained care staff. The feathers / down are a residual product of the meat. Live plucking, force-feeding and keeping animals in cages are strictly prohibited. Checks are announced and unannounced. It is also assessed whether the amount of down stated on the label is present in the duvet / pillow.

Nomite is a quality mark of the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA). Down duvets with this label are suitable for people with a dust mite allergy and for people with asthmatic conditions.