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Neutral colors are more popular than ever. Especially now that we work more from home and 'live' at home, our home, bedroom and bathroom should feel like a safe haven. A place where you can relax and where you can shut yourself off from outside stimuli. Using neutral tones is always a good choice. They bring peace and tranquility to your home and provide a 'natural' effect. Neutral colors are the basis of a lot of color schemes and therefore they can be beautifully combined with other colors such as pastel shades or sky blue.

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With neutral tones you are always good

By choosing neutral tones in your bathroom or bedroom, you are always in the right place. You have a nice base that you can complement with other colors. Or you can bring a little more peace of mind by adding some neutral items to, for example, your colorful bedding. Going all for neutral tones? That doesn't have to be boring at all! It is precisely then that materials and structures stand out more. Try to keep it a bit lively, living in a burlap sack has never made anyone happy (as far as we know).

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SUITE702 has bed linen, towels and bathrobes in a variety of neutral colors to suit any bathroom and bedroom. 

Silver Grey, Smokey, Camel, Pebble and Greige

For example, choose a bedMATE pillow, percale fitted sheet and pillowcase or full percale set in the neutral color Smokey. Looking for a lighter color? Then our percale sets are in the color cameol maybe something for you. Or choose our satin set in the light, relaxed and fresh color Greige. The fun of our colors silver grey, smokey, camel, pebble and Greigeis that they can also be combined nicely with each other. This way you give your neutral shades just a little more panache.

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You can combine our neutral colors great with our beautiful other colors such as pink, gold, green, blue, pastel, or Orange-red