The color pink represents love and intimacy and the warm tones radiate passion, pleasure and energy. Pink is a mix of white and red and has an extensive palette of different shades. Whether it's brighter shades of pink, the pastel pink or a more 'earthy' version: pink is a positive and reassuring color. The special thing about the color pink is that, because it is a combination of white and red, it has a calming and activating effect. 

Pink in the bathroom and bedroom

Although the color pink may not immediately be the color you think of when you think of colors for your bathroom or bedroom, this color can be a fun and surprising choice. Of course we understand that you are not looking forward to transforming your house into cotton candy, but with the right pink bedding and certain accessories, you can brighten up your bathroom or bedroom and make it that little bit more special. You can of course go wild, but you can approach it a bit more subtly. A beautiful shade of rose is very easy to combine. 

SUITE702 has bed linen, towels and bathrobes in various shades of pink and made of different materials. The effect of pink is slightly different per shade.

Romantic, luxurious and calming

This way you can give your bedroom a subtle romantic shade by choosing our percale set in the soft, romantic color "Blush" or go for a pink accent and choose our blush bigDOT. Do you also want the color Blush in your bathroom? Then choose our Luxury Spa Set with a bathrobe and towel in this beautiful color. The towels and bathrobes are also available separately. 

Are you looking for a slightly warmer, more expressive shade of pink? Then our percale duvet cover is in the pink color Dusty Rose or our satin bedding in the even more earthy, darker shade Cedar Wood perfect for you.

Do you prefer lighter, more subtle shades of pink? Then take a look at our washed linen bedding in the soft, soothing color Pale Rose. Really unpack like the honeymoon suite of a five-star hotel? Then choose our luxurious satin bedding in the elegant color Champagne. 

Is pink not your color? Or do you want to combine it with our beautiful other colors such as gold, green, blue, brown-grey, pastel, or orange-red? Which can! SUITE702 has a wide range of color(s) but also products and materials.