Satin Duvet Cover

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Satin duvet cover

SUITE702 has different satin duvet covers. In addition to a number of different sizes, SUITE70 also offers satin duvet covers in different colors. Satin duvet cover and pillowcase are packed separately so that you can combine the colors. The satin duvet cover is made of a particularly high quality satin cotton. The thread count, also known as thread count, is 400. In addition, the satin cotton is 100% organic certified.

The benefits of a satin duvet cover

A satin duvet cover from SUITE702 offers several advantages. The subtle shine of a satin duvet cover gives it a luxurious look. Your entire bedroom will be immediately upgraded. In addition, the cotton satin falls smoothly, this not only looks very nice, it also feels nice and soft and supple. An important advantage of a cotton satin duvet cover is that it feels a bit warmer than others cotton duvet covers. A satin duvet cover from SUITE702 is made of sustainable cotton and is made socially responsible and with respect for nature. In principle, you don't feel any of that when you lie under it, but it still sleeps a lot better. 

Satin duvet, how do I keep it clean?

A cotton satin duvet cover can simply be washed. We advise not to wash the cotton satin warmer than 40 degrees. 60 degrees is also possible, but this is not so good for the color fastness. This is especially true for the darker colors. Washing a satin duvet cover at a lower temperature is also better for the environment. A satin duvet cover can simply be put in the dryer. This will wrinkle a little more. It is therefore best to take the duvet cover out of the dryer and hang it up when dry. The typical satin shine disappears a bit after a while. By ironing it you get it back a bit.




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