Mediterranean natural sponge

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Introduce your skin to the Mediterranean natural sponge from SUITE702. Brought over from Greece, this cozy sea sponge is a favorite for its incredible softness and impressive durability. Hanging from a striking cord made of recycled PET, this is not only handy but also eco-friendly. Within Suite702 we offer the following natural sponges in the following colors: orange , pink, blue and green .

Benefits of SUITE702 natural sponge

The natural sponge from SUITE702, a must-have for every bathroom! Sourced from the clear waters of Greece, this sponge provides a soft and luxurious experience. No artificial materials or chemicals, just everything Mother Nature has to offer. This sea sponge is not only gentle on the skin, but also on our planet.

The sponge is easy to find in the shower on a striking recycled PET cord. And made in the Netherlands, it contributes to responsible, local production. With a diameter of 12-14 cm, the natural sponge fits exactly in the palm of your hand. Squeeze after use and let it dry, that's all that is required for maintenance. This way the sponge stays beautiful for a long time and provides a lot of showering pleasure.

How SUITE702's natural sponge helps our environment

At SUITE702 we don't just think about comfort and style. Nature conservation also has a special place. That's why we design items like the Mediterranean natural sponge. This sea sponge washes away the pesky guilt that comes with using synthetic sponges. It is pure nature, taken directly from the warm sea water. The softness and durability make every shower a wonderful Mediterranean getaway.

In addition to pampering your skin, nature pampers you. The production process does not harm biodiversity, but actually stimulates it. In addition, the carrying cord is made of recycled PET, made in the Netherlands. The shape varies from specimen to specimen, highlighting the unique beauty of the natural world. Start the day right by taking care of yourself and the planet with the SUITE702 natural sponge.

Maintenance and care of the SUITE702 natural sponge

This fine sponge from Greece deserves the best maintenance to last for years. A little love and care works wonders. Rinse it thoroughly after every refreshing shower or relaxing bath session. Make sure that any soap residue disappears and then let the sponge dry. It is important to allow the natural sponge to breathe, especially after use. Simply hang it on its practical cord. This way, preserving the sponge remains not only simple, but also environmentally friendly. This proper maintenance keeps the natural sponge soft and wears out less quickly. With these tips, the SUITE702 natural sponge can be a favorite in your daily bath rituals and make a nice contribution to your self-care. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of the natural sponge on the skin, time and time again.

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Whoever chooses the Mediterranean natural sponge from SUITE702, chooses a genuine connection with nature. This Greek sea sponge is the leader when it comes to soft touch and long lasting use. Hanging on a Dutch PET cord, it is also a smart and green option. Each sponge with a diameter of 12-14 cm is unique. And for long and pleasant use? Simply rinse well and allow to dry after each use. You can be sure that this is the perfect choice! So, don't wait too long - jump on board the eco-friendly trend and get this amazing natural sponge. Let the Mediterranean natural sponge from SUITE702 caress the skin and put a smile on your face!



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