Inspired by Thomas Vermeer in La Muralla Roja

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Thomas Vermeer

Stylist, colorist and visual artist Thomas Vermeer loves colour. He is known for his colour-popping signature style, which he calls 'cheerful' and 'a little infantile'.

A stay at La Murella Roja had been on Thomas's bucket list for years and in May 2022 it was finally happening!

La Muralla Roja

La Muralla Roja (literally 'the Red Wall') is a post-modern apartment complex in Manzanera, Calpe, Spain. It was designed by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill for the client Palomar SA in 1968 and fully built in 1973. La Muralla Roja is among "Ricardo Bofill's 10 most iconic works".

The inspiration for the many steps, gates and vistas came from the Kasbahs in North Africa.

The building follows the (vertical) contours of the cliffs and the interior looks like a labyrinth of perspective and geometric games. The linear basis of the layout and aesthetics reflects the theories of constructivism.

Another peculiarity of this place is the use of different almost surrealistic color tones: the outer facade is painted with a red variant that accentuates the contrast with the surrounding natural landscape. Inside, part of the building is painted in different shades of pink, while in another part, different shades of blue are used. The intensity of the colors is also related to the light of the sun, the combination of the different colors with the shadows of the geometric shapes of the building creates a beautiful illusion of space.

La Murella Roja is a private residence. There are 50 apartments and… an Airbnb ! You sleep with that superhost Victoria . She rents out two of her modern, colorfully decorated apartments.




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