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If you go for the most luxurious down from our range, you will end up with our royal goose down duvets. This white goose down comes from Poland and has an extra high fill power. This means that it feels even airier and more luxurious. It is casette stitched, so in blocks. The advantage of this is that the goose down always remains evenly distributed over the duvet. The cover is made of high-quality batiste (NM190). There are different types of royal goose down duvets available from SUITE702.

What types of royal goose down duvets are there?

Have you made the choice and are you going for a royal goose down duvet? Then you naturally want to know which types of royal goose down duvets are available. This concerns the thickness, or warmth class, of the duvet. For example, the royal goose down winter duvet falls under warmth class 2. If you often feel cold in winter, this is the duvet for you. If you are not really cold, then the spring duvet may be the ideal choice for you, even for the colder months. This has a heat class 3. There is also a summer duvet available for the warm months in heat class 4.

Size royal goose down duvet

In addition to the various heat classes, you have another choice: the dimensions. You can choose from four different sizes, namely:

  • 140x220;
  • 200x220;
  • 240x220;
  • 260x220.

Of course, the size you choose depends on the dimensions of your bed. It is recommended to always choose a duvet that is larger than your bed, so that it has some overhang. This way it is well insulated and you stay nice and warm. It also looks beautifully finished if the duvet is larger than the bed. This really gives you a hotel feeling. The general rule is that you choose a duvet that is approximately 50 to 60 cm wider than your mattress.

Want to buy a Royal goose down duvet?

Royal goose down is the most luxurious down in our range. Thanks to its high filling power, it feels nice and airy and at the same time has good insulating properties. Because the cassette is stitched, you do not have to worry that the goose down will accumulate, it always remains well distributed over the duvet. Not only the goose down, but also the batiste cover provides a feeling of luxury.

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If you are looking for Royal goose down duvets, then SUITE702 is the right place for you. With our duvets you bring the hotel feeling into your home. Choose the warmth class that suits you and see which size goose down duvet is most suitable for your bed. You will also find high-quality bedding with us to complete your order. Do you need advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.




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