What makes a romantic bedroom?

Whether you are in a rut, just want to surprise your partner or whether your New Year's resolution is to really take 'self love' seriously: a little romance in the bedroom is good for everyone!

At SUITE702 we are all about the art of romance. Whether you're a champagne with rose petals type or want to keep it a little more subtle. Below are our tips for more romance in the bedroom:

1. Let's start with your bed

Your bed is the most important part of your bedroom, so let it look like it! Place an extra set of well-filled pillows or use our bedMATE . Choose several warm colors and create a cozy vibe or go for a heavenly effect with beautiful white . In addition, satin cotton is of course the fabric for romance or go for that 5-star hotel feeling with percale cotton .

2. Clear away all the clutter
Romance is hard to find when all the dirty underwear from the week is still on the floor. So that ' floordrobe ' is now really going to be taken care of. Throw everything in the laundry and tidy up the bedside tables. Put all the little things and knickknacks in bins so that the room is wonderfully quiet and minimalist. This will help for more romance and a better night's sleep!

3. Romantic lighting
There is actually one simple rule: the main lights stay off . Usually this light is very bright and unpleasant. Instead, turn on smaller lamps or put a few tea lights in safe holders.

4. Hmmm, what do I smell?
Romance is strongly connected to your sense of smell. So throw those musty cuddly toys in the washing machine and create a nice scent in your bedroom. This can be done, for example, with a diffuser or fragrance sticks. Our Eye-Pillow is also perfect for this! You can completely relax by placing it on your eyes after a busy day. Or put it under your pillow or in the cupboard with your bedding.

5. Make it complete
To end it, you naturally turn on some lovely romantic music. From Beyonce to classical music, whatever suits your mood. There are plenty of romantic playlists on Spotify and YouTube.

Use all your senses to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. So put on your luxurious bathrobe , make sure you have chocolate covered strawberries next to the bed and cozy lights.

SUITE dreams.