Benefits of a percale pillowcase

As a brand committed to bringing luxury and comfort to your bedroom, SUITE702 understands the importance of having quality bedding. One of our high-quality products is the percale pillowcase, an essential item to improve the quality of your sleep. With more than 20 color options, there is sure to be a percale pillowcase that reflects who you are and enhances your bedroom. Moreover, our percale pillowcases are for sale at competitive rates. In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of a percale pillowcase and why it is worth the investment.

What is a percale pillowcase and why choose one?

Percale is characterized by its longevity and breathability. A percale pillowcase is made from percale cotton, a specific weaving technique that produces a soft and durable fabric. In case you are surprised: yes, the quality is really high and that is thanks to the special way of weaving.

SUITE702 makes extensive use of percale cotton in their bedding range, including the pillowcases. Our collection includes more than 20 color options, including white, inca gold, blush, cobalt blue, and ecru. You can own a high-quality percale pillowcase from just €22.50. And believe us, they are worth every cent.

You may be wondering, why should I choose a percale pillowcase? The answer is simple: Comfort and durability. Percale cotton feels cooling and smooth, which provides optimal comfort while sleeping. Moreover, this fabric can withstand multiple washes and the test of time. But it doesn't stop there.

SUITE702's percale pillowcases offer comfort and quality as well as aesthetics. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can easily find the perfect match for your existing bedding. Whether you go for a high-contrast look or a seamless blend, there is a pillowcase to suit your needs.

We also get extra points for versatility. We also offer bedMATE pillowcases in percale cotton, starting at €34.95, also in more than 20 colors. These are perfect for giving your bed a trendy look while retaining the comfort of percale.

At SUITE702 we believe in enriching your sleeping experience, and a percale pillowcase can do just that. They are more than a simple accessory; they are an essential part of your bedding that enhances both style and comfort. Is there a difference in quality? Yes, there is. With a percale pillowcase from SUITE702 you choose luxury, comfort and style.

What are the hidden benefits of percale pillowcases?

The importance of a good night's sleep for a healthy life is well known, and at SUITE702 we believe that the quality of your pillowcase plays a major role in this. That's why we introduce percale pillowcases, known for their high thread count and fine weave structure. These properties make percale both durable and breathable and provide a luxurious and crisp feel against the skin, contributing to sleeping comfort.

The benefits of our percale pillowcases go beyond just comfort and durability. Thanks to the percale weave, the cotton absorbs color better than other weave types, making our pillowcases not only contribute to your sleeping comfort, but are also a stylish addition to your bedroom. The high quality of the paint used ensures that the colors remain vibrant and bright, even after repeated washing.

In addition to our standard pillowcases, at SUITE702 we also offer bedMATE pillowcases in percale cotton. These extra large pillowcases offer an extra dimension to your sleeping experience and give your bedroom even more style.

At SUITE702 we believe that sleeping well doesn't mean sacrificing style. Our high-quality percale pillowcases combine comfort, durability and style to create the perfect sleeping environment for you.

How can a percale pillowcase contribute to your sleeping comfort?

A good night's sleep is crucial to your health and well-being and this starts with the comfort of your bedding. At SUITE702 we attach great importance to high-quality and comfortable bedding, and a percale pillowcase can play an important role in this.

Percale pillowcases are made from a special type of cotton with a tight weave. This high weave density results in a fabric that not only feels silky soft, but is also strong and durable. A good night's sleep is often all about the small details. Your bedding should be soft and comfortable, yet breathable to prevent sweatiness, while being warm enough for colder nights. A percale pillowcase meets all these requirements.

The special thing about a percale pillowcase is that the comfort goes beyond the physical. It offers a feeling of luxury and well-being, a feeling of coming home, every time. At SUITE702 we work hard to perfect our products to provide the ultimate in sleeping comfort. A percale pillowcase from SUITE702 can make a crucial contribution to this.

The percale pillowcase is a distinctive product in the SUITE702 range. With a wide range of color options, from subtle tones to vibrant shades, there is something for everyone. The use of percale cotton provides a soft, luxurious feel and the durable material guarantees long-lasting comfort. Our customers appreciate the percale pillowcase for its quality and the aesthetic variation in colors.

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Prepare your bed for a sparkling new look. Choosing a new pillowcase may be a small change, but it can give your bedroom a major refresh. With the percale pillowcase from SUITE702 you can get out of bed on the right foot every day.

At SUITE702 we understand how important sleep is and how much impact bedding can have on it. That's why we offer products that are not only comfortable and stylish, but also affordable. Whether you go for the bedMATE pillowcases or the basic pillowcase, we are sure that you will enjoy the benefits of our percale cotton collection. Challenge yourself and give your bedroom a new, refreshing look by trying out our extensive color palette. Take the plunge and order today from SUITE702.