Bedroom inspiration: Turn your bedroom into a cool Cabin SUITE

Always been one suite life want to have then you are with us, SUITE702 at the right place. We do practically everything from bed, whether it is working, playing or sleeping in bed. We do not care

You don't have to visit a hotel to experience your own suite life. You can convert every bedroom into a beautiful suite. A large bedroom is also not necessary. With some beautiful products and some original solutions, you can turn your bedroom into a cool cabin suite. This is also possible without a fireplace and bearskin in your bedroom. 

No one is the same, one likes a cabin in the woods style and the other loves a suite on the beach. By combining colors from our extensive color palette you can always make the right mix. Always matching your own style.

How do you convert your bedroom into a real cabin suite?

In this blog we discuss some cool bedroom inspiration and we share some tips to give your bedroom a cabin suite look. 

If you want a really cool cabin suite then you should not be afraid of some natural colors, such as Moss, After Dark or Chocolate. A real cabin suite should feel nice and warm and cozy. You don't want it to feel like an abandoned cabin somewhere in a scary forest. Therefore, combine it with some radiant accent colors.

Natural colors give that real Cabin feeling.

By using natural colors such as green, brown, but also dark blue, you ensure that it really feels like a cabin somewhere in a beautiful forest. With the colors Inca Gold or Hay you get a bit of a warm feeling between all those earthy colors. It is precisely by playing with light and dark colors that the whole comes to life. 

Bedding does a lot, but unfortunately, with just some bedding you are not there yet. Buy a nice wooden bedside table with a wooden tray that you can then rest comfortably in bed on one bigDOT, perfect when you want a table in bed. Furthermore, some nice vintage style elements go well with the cabin suite. 

Not only wood but also a thick soft woolen rug in the bedroom is a perfect addition to the cabin suite plus you won't have cold feet should you ever decide to get out of bed. Place a leather chair in the corner of the room and your cabin suite is complete. 

If you still want your room to smell wonderfully of nature, you can always have one of ours Eye pillows They smell wonderfully subtle of lavender and ensure that your room always smells clean and fresh.