Discover which type of sleeper you are and which materials suit you

We are all different sleepers. One prefers to sleep every day at 9 p.m., while the other is not in bed before 12 noon. You know it, the typical morning and evening people. But that's not the only difference. Because while one person prefers to sleep in thick pajamas under a warm and thick duvet, the other prefers to sleep in shorts with the window wide open, even in winter. And the latter is especially important when choosing bedding that suits you. Because a fresh sleeper, for example, will not be happy with a very warm blanket.

Discover which type of sleeper you are and which materials suit you best. This way you ensure a much better night's sleep and that is important for everyone. 

What type of sleeper are you?

warm sleeper

Are you the type of sleeper who is often (or should you say: always) cold and sleeps in thick pajamas every day? Do you prefer to take a hot water bottle and a pair of thick socks to bed in the winter – in addition to an extra blanket? And do you also sleep under a winter/autumn duvet in the summer? Then you are a warm sleeper. Warm sleepers get cold quickly and often lie under a warm duvet like us all year round duvet winter comfort. 

Average sleeper 

Are you the type of sleeper who likes to put on a warm blanket in the winter? And do you replace this blanket in the summer for a thin and cool duvet? Then you are an average sleeper. Most people belong to this type of sleeper. The average sleepers sleep with the seasons and like to adjust their bedding accordingly. In summer, the bedding should not be too warm and in winter, you can add a little extra warmth. Our customizable 4 seasons duvet 4 seasons is perfect for this. 

fresh sleeper 

Do you sleep in your underwear all year round and do you get warm quickly? Can't you think of sleeping in pajamas under a thick and warm blanket? And do you even open the window in winter? Then you are a fresh sleeper. This type of sleeper is always warm and a fresh duvet like us is enough all year round spring of summer duvet. Both the bedroom and the bedding should be cool for the fresh sleeper. 

The materials per type of sleeper 

Have you discovered what type of sleeper you are? Then it's time to see which materials suit you best. Bedding is made from different types of materials and each material has its own properties. Some materials are wonderfully warm and are perfect for the warm sleepers. Other materials, on the other hand, are a bit cooler and ventilate more. These materials suit the cool sleepers very well. In any case, always make sure that the material is of good quality and that it is breathable. For example, if you are under synthetic bedding, you will sweat a lot, especially the fresh sleepers. Cotton bedding is always a good choice for any type of sleeper, as cotton ventilates and breathes well. But then you're not there yet, because you have different types of cotton bedding. And one is much warmer than the other. So let's see which material suits you.


 Are you a warm, average or fresh sleeper?



Satin is a beautiful and soft material that keeps you nice and warm in the cold months. Satin has a tighter weave and the weight of the fabric helps to trap heat. This keeps you nice and warm in bed. Satin is therefore perfect for warm sleepers. If you choose satin, always choose bedding made from, for example, cotton satin and avoid synthetic satin. One cotton-satin duvet cover is breathable and moisture absorbent, while synthetic satin is sweltering. At suite702 we therefore use cotton satin that is made from 100% organic cotton. And for the real cold we have extra good news: we sell cheerful stylish pitchers in various colors. 


Percale cotton is a lovely, light fabric and is made of 100% cotton. Percale is a highly breathable fabric that feels a bit cooler and ventilates very well. With percale you don't have to worry about the duvet cover being tight and sticky around your body. On the contrary, percale feels crispy and soft and ensures that you can sleep cool. So you probably already feel it coming: percale is the ideal material for cool sleepers. But percale is also wonderful for the average sleeper in the warm summer months. 



Linen is a strong material that wrinkles a bit faster and is not as elastic. Linen can regulate heat very well, making it a wonderful material for both summer and winter. Linen keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen is the ideal material for the average sleeper. Just as the average sleeper adjusts to the seasons, so does linen. 

In addition to pure linen, you also have cotton linen. At suite702 we combine our linen for 45% with cotton. With this we combine the qualities of cotton with the luxury of linen. Cotton linen is very strong, absorbs moisture and prevents you from sweating. And it feels just a little smoother than pure linen. 


Which bedding suits you? 

As you have read, there is a suitable material for every type of sleeper. The warm sleeper can best choose satin, the average sleeper for (cotton) linen and the fresh sleeper for percale. Now that you know what type of sleeper you are and which material suits it, all you need to do is nice duvet cover find the one that fits in your bedroom. That's probably the hardest part with our wide range of bedding.