How do you give your bedroom that wonderfully slow life vibe?

The bedroom is where you sleep, where you live. Where you can relax. With beautiful bedding you can give your bedroom a completely different look. For a while dark, soothing colors and earthy tones have been on trend. Think of Khaki Gold, Terra, Cognac, Smokey and Chocolate.

Where does the appeal for these colors come from? This color palette represents a slower, simpler "rural" lifestyle. Away from the rat race and more attention to a slower, simpler life. Enjoy "the slow life" with attention to quality of life.

Do not worry; you don't have to turn your apartment into a farm immediately.

This rural atmosphere goes perfectly with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. Combine colors and materials; choose robust linen in combination with chic satin. With a richly diverse color palette you give it that delicious one slow life vibe. 

You can easily provide your bed with extra appeal with a natural look. But just as nature doesn't have one color, your bed doesn't have to be either. Combine earthy tones and let a special color stand out for extra effect. Give the whole thing some layering. Don't forget that your bed or box spring is also included.

Create a bedroom completely in this lifestyle trend. Go for gold and combine natural tones and materials. So is Khaki Gold with Inca Gold and Smokey a popular combination. Or combine Cognac, Brique Red with Nude or Dusty Rose