Everyone is gone. Finally it is nice and quiet at the office, you are not disturbed and you pick up the things that you have been pushing ahead for six months. Well, nice and quiet?

Whether you want to feed your colleague's cat. She's going on vacation and you love cats right? Whether you want to water the neighbor's plants. "You stayed in the Netherlands, didn't you?" A good neighbor is better than a distant friend, even if your neighbor has now been in Sri Lanka for three weeks. Your sister has rented out her house through AirBnB, and of course you do the check-in and check-out with love for her.

While everyone is on vacation, the people at home keep things going here. Everyone is to the sun while we are in the Netherlands with a heat wave. It is really nice and quiet somewhere, but the heat is also very tiring. We will of course remain Dutch, it is never good. It's no secret, we sleep less well with that heat. Your body needs to drop about 1ºC to fall asleep comfortably. And with that heat wave that is now quite difficult. I don't like sleeping without a blanket, it feels naked. Good breathable cool bedding is therefore a real godsend. For the doubters, on this one summer set you will receive a 20% discount until the end of the month.


The “peace” in the office is also an excellent opportunity to try something new. Namely the afternoon nap. Instead of coffee to stay awake, we can, according to sleep experts SHLEEP better one power nap take. The afternoon nap increases your concentration, problem-solving skills and creativity. You probably don't have a place to sleep in the office - as Google has of course. But with this nice weather you can easily take an afternoon nap on a bench. That may feel crazy. But you have earned it, you almost keep things going. And of course you don't take a nap that afternoon for yourself. You do it for the boss.