We have to be there, because we might be missing something. There is always a nice party to go to or an interesting article to read and share of course. FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out; everyone knows it. It is the driving force of social media. We share our highlights in social media. Everyone has a great life, and if you don't participate you are a loser. Or at least that's how it feels. As with anything, there is an anti-noise. One against movement; JOMO. The Joy Of Missing Out. It's the exact opposite of FOMO.

The whole concept of JOMO was coined by Anil Dash ( in 2012. I only recently heard from JOMO and Anil Dash for the first time. I have missed that in recent years. As it turns out, everyone started writing about JOMO and digital detoxes. Bedrock, Viva, whole-life challenge but also journalistic media such as The Guardian and NY Times. We now tell each other en masse on social media how bad social media actually is.

We must embrace missing out on social occasions, get bored, not be up to date, not belong. And feel good about it. That's what it's about. That is good for your concentration, your creativity. It simply makes you happy. It's the best thing that can happen to you after quinoa smoothies and eating less meat.

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